21 Coffee Bars to Put Pep in Your Home Design

The explosion in popularity of single-serve coffeemakers like the Keurig has given rise to a new home design trend: the coffee bar. Making a cup of coffee now requires minimal effort, and many of us feel free to indulge in our favorite hot beverage throughout the day, as opposed to just in the morning. There's no need to venture out to the coffee shop on the corner when it’s easier than ever to enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee at home—a convenience especially appreciated by telecommuters. Coffee is such a fixture in our lives, it seems natural to set aside a special place for the satisfying ritual of making it. Here are some of our favorite examples of home coffee bars from around the Web.

  1. Baker's Rack

    Baker's Rack Coffee Bar

    A baker’s rack is the perfect setting for a coffee bar. With hooks to hold cups and plenty of storage on shelves above and below the main counter area, it can keep the joe flowing 24/7.

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  2. Built-In Convenience

    Built In Coffee Bar

    Coffee bars have become so popular that they’re no longer an afterthought of interior design, but rather are incorporated into the plan during construction or renovation. The dark wood cabinetry of this built-in setup looks smashing against the natural stonework.


  3. A Bright Blue Morning

    Shelving Coffee Bar

    Reclaim a dresser and paint it a bold color to make a big statement. This bright blue beauty is a stunning visual counterpoint to whitewashed brick walls. Nestled under bracketed shelves, the repurposed piece serves double duty as a coffee bar and eye-catching focal point in the room.

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  4. Super Storage

    Sideboard Coffee Bar

    Storage is key for the well-stocked coffee bar, and finding a piece of furniture with enough space to accommodate everything can be tough. This sideboard has multiple drawers and doors for supplies and a bottom shelf for overflow. Its white finish pops in front of a boldly painted wall.

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  5. Disarmingly Distressed

    DIY Distressed Table

    If you're looking to make a coffee bar a permanent fixture in your home, don't assume that it has to be in the kitchen. Putting a bar elsewhere allows guests to circulate through your home with comfort and ease. This distressed table has everything you need for a fresh cup right at your fingertips; basket-wrapped bottles underneath offer both storage and textural interest.

    Loftandcottage.blog spot.com

  6. DIY Java Spot

    DIY Coffee Bar

    A coffee bar is a wonderful DIY project, and if you're lucky enough to be able to use reclaimed objects, you can really make it your own. The centerpiece of this coffee bar is a repurposed window frame, stretched with chicken wire—perfect for displaying photos and cards as well as mugs.

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    Acupacup.blog spot.com

  7. Treats at the Desk

    DIY Desk Coffee Bar

    Nearly any piece of furniture with shelves or drawers can be repurposed to make a coffee bar. This desk and hutch combination is a first-class example that even offers a natural spot for a wastebasket.

    Sewmanyways.blog spot.com

  8. Creative Cabinets

    DIY Cabinet Coffee Bar

    Two cabinets left over from a renovation are topped with a counter made of 2x6 boards that have been joined together, stained, and varnished. Bars and hooks on the wall add a finishing touch, transforming this renovation salvage into a coffee bar that's open for business.

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    Itsourpinterestinglife.blog spot.com

  9. Portable Feast

    Serving Cart Coffee Bar

    A serving cart can make a superb coffee bar. Perfectly proportioned and portable, it's easy to move from room to room (or even outside) when you're entertaining a crowd.

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  10. Countertop Corner

    Countertop Coffee Bar

    You can create a coffee bar with even the smallest patch of countertop real estate. Hooks on wall-mounted rods make a smart home for cups, while a coffeemaker and fixings live underneath. Diminutive it may be, but it's always ready to serve up a hot cup of happiness.

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  11. Bookcase Brew

    DIY Bookcase Coffee Bar

    Tuck a coffee bar into the corner of a room with a simple two-shelf bookcase. The top is the perfect height for serving up a cup, while the shelves beneath store mugs and dishes for your favorite coffee accompaniments.


  12. A Sip at the Sideboard

    Sideboard Coffee Bar

    A cabinet with enough surface area can easily enough be crafted into a coffee bar. This small side cabinet has the added bonus of a bottom shelf, where baskets provide excellent storage. Above, a metal-and-wood shelf displays bright white cups against the rich-toned wall for a classic contrast.

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  13. Master Bedroom Indulgence

    Bedroom Coffee Bar

    Enjoy your first cup of coffee before you even step foot into the kitchen with a mini coffee bar tucked into the corner of a dresser in your bedroom. This simple setup—a coffeemaker, cups, grinds, and sugar—is sure to get your heart started in the morning.

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    Studioonethirteen.blog spot.com

  14. Open for Business

    Open Cabinet Coffee Bar

    Hang open cabinets in the corner of your living room and install cup hooks under them. Then slide in a piece of furniture that's appropriately sized for the coffee-making machinery, and you’re that much closer to enjoying a cup of joe any time of day.

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  15. Dining Room Amenity

    Dresser Coffee Bar

    Hosting unexpected guests just got easier. Set up a coffee bar on a large dresser or sideboard in the dining room, and your guests will always feel free to serve themselves—with no extra effort on your part.

    The Kitchn

  16. Office Coffee Cart

    Office Coffee Cart

    This coffee cart is fit for those who take meetings in their home office or entertain in close friends in the kitchen. Styled and stocked with different options for brewing, flavoring, and drinking coffee, it's a coffee bar that will satisfy a crowd of different tastes.


  17. Reclaimed Cabinets

    Coffee Sideboard

    This coffee bar sideboard began life as upper kitchen cabinets. Reclaimed from the dumpster, and outfitted with barn-styled doors from actual reclaimed barnwood, it makes both a stunning and practical addition to this dining room.

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  18. Countertop Coffee Bar

    Countertop Coffee Bar

    You don’t necessarily need a stand-alone piece of furniture to house your coffee bar. Add a shelf and a mug rack to the section of kitchen counter where your coffee maker lives and you instantly have your own “Coffee Central.”

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  19. Concrete Coffee Bar

    Concrete Countertop Coffee Bar

    You can DIY a concrete top to give any coffee bar a modern and earthy look. Whether you’re building a table from scratch, or putting a new top on something repurposed, gathering all your coffee paraphernalia into one spot will make brewing that morning cup of joe an extra-satisfying ritual.


  20. Repainted Dresser

    Coffee Bar Server

    A bedroom dresser is easily transformed into a coffee bar with a coat of paint. The once-attached mirror, repainted with chalkboard paint, even provides inspiration for the day. A couple of bracketed shelves to store mugs and other accoutrement rounds out this coffee corner and makes it a daily destination.


  21. Handmade & Vintage

    Vintage Coffee Bar Decor

    A handmade sign and a vintage ironing board quickly come together to make this sweet coffee bar. Mounting the reclaimed boards with a small gap between them makes room for S-hooks to hang mugs. A stencil that emulates crate markings brings it all together. One lump, or two?

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