22 Sneaky Storage Solutions for Your Deck, Porch or Patio

Every outdoor living area is different, but whether you have a spacious deck, tiny patio, or a wrap-around porch you still need some storage for your outside space. From double-duty furniture to compact containers, these sneaky storage ideas keep your gardening tools, entertaining supplies, and backyard staples from running amok.

Fold-Up Furniture

small folding patio table

One of the best parts of summer is enjoying al fresco dining in the backyard, but it can be a challenge finding a table fit for a petite porch. While most tables and chairs would take up all the space, this foldable bistro set leaves room for other decor. Although it’s smaller than most patio tables, its handy shelves provide a place to put your serving dishes and condiments to make room on the table as you eat. The table folds up easily and has a spot to tuck away the chairs for convenient storage when you need more space outside. Available from Wayfair; $275.99.


Serving Station

Serving Cart

If the good weather usually finds you barbecuing out back, a cart like this one might change your life for the better. It's a work area, a serving stand, and a storage cabinet all in one. When it's time for clean-up or if extra room is needed, the cart simply rolls away on its casters. Available from Amazon; $132.99.


Put It In the Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

It's hard to think of any piece of furniture that's more useful than the beloved multifunctional storage ottoman. In one portable package you get extra seating and storage for stashing blankets and towels. Available from Hayneedle; $113.41.


Keep it Underneath

Patio Bench

Tuck garden hoses, pruning scissors, or the kids' baseballs gloves into a storage bench that, while keeping its contents out of plain sight, lets your family and guests catch a breath on the generous depth of the bench seat. Available from The Home Depot; $107.69.


Compact Cabinet

Garden Cabinet With Shelves

If you have the space for a shed...then you probably have one already! If your backyard is modestly sized and you're still looking for a long-term outdoor storage solution, consider a slim garden cabinet. Its footprint occupies limited square footage, and on the inside there’s enough room to stack items on the shelves and fit long-handled tools. You can even use Command Hooks on the back of the door to gain extra storage. Available from Wayfair ; $299.99.


Make It Look Nice

vertical deck box

Every backyard bash, big or small, needs a spot to toss trash but you don’t have to resort to leaving out a big Hefty bag. This vertical deck box comes with two interior hooks so you can hang a trash bag inside it. Of course, you can forgo that option and use it for storing pool noodles, toys, and other backyard gear. Whichever way you decide to use it, it’s discrete and stylish. Available from Wayfair; $138.99.


Double Duty

Deck Cabinet

For a small patio or balcony, choose a deck box of appropriate proportions. At three-feet tall, this cabinet-style option is just the right height to double as a serving station. Inside, an adjustable shelf provides versatility for your storage needs. Available from Target; $139.99.


Chilled Out Side Table

ice bucket table

Keep the drinks chilled in the ice bucket hidden inside this accent table when you’re enjoying happy hour in the backyard. When it's time to move onto dinner, just place the lid over the bucket. Voilà! Now it looks like an ordinary side table. Available from Wayfair; $189.99.


Recline and Relax

outdoor lounge chair

Don’t let simple inconvenience get in the way of a relaxing afternoon. A secret pull-out table on this chaise lounge is just the detail needed when you want to set your drink down so you can dive into your summer read. Made from resin wicker, the chair is as durable as it is stylish. A powder coat finish ensures no fading, chipping, or cracking so you can expect to have it sitting pretty in your yard for years to come. Available from The Home Depot; $296.


Look Up for Storage

ikea applaro wall panel

There’s more storage to the IKEA ÄPPLARÖ bench than meets the eye thanks to its slatted back. With the use of hooks (six come with it, but you can always purchase more), you have rows and rows to hang gardening tools and baskets. It’s the perfect fit if you're looking to add seating and storage to a small balcony. Available from IKEA; $109.


Multi-Purpose Potting Bench

Potting Bench

Whether you need a spot to gather your gardening tools or a place to set your entertaining supplies, this potting bench will keep your gear organized. In addition to the work surface and multiple shelves, take advantage of the wire rack for some extra vertical storage. Available from Amazon; $154.42.


Lift Up

patio cooler table

This resin wicker table looks like an ordinary outdoor side table, but when it’s time to have company over it reveals a sneaky surprise: it raises to bar-height while revealing a cooler underneath. Whether you're having a party just for two or a party for two dozen, this multifunctional table is the perfect addition for your patio. Available from Wayfair; $92.99.


Wrangle the Hose

Hose Box

An unruly hose in the yard is just asking for someone to trip over it and take a spill. Wrangle it up and store it in this hideaway bin with a crank handle. It’s out of sight, yet still easy to access. And with its flat-top, you can put it between chairs and use it as a side table. Available from Amazon; $49.99.


Storage with Style

Deck Box

When they're not in use, protect your patio cushions and pillows from the sun and weather by storing them in this stylish deck box. Resin wicker, seen here, is an outdoor-ready material that not only lasts, but also—and importantly!—requires no taxing care or maintenance. Available from Wayfair; $180.21.


Cold Drinks Within Reach

patio table with cooler in the middle

This bar-height patio table is just the thing you need if you enjoy hosting backyard dinner parties. With a built-in cooler at the center of the table a chilled bottle of wine or cold brew is within reach for anyone who needs a refill. Now you can finally spend more time with company rather than having to keep refreshing everyone’s glasses with more ice. Available from Hayneedle; $1,153.


Cover It Up

mock rock

This might not be storage per se, but these Mock Rocks do keep the ugly parts of your house out of sight. The lightweight faux stones have hollow centers that fit over exposed pipes and pumps. What once were eyesores on your property now fit right in with the rest of your landscape. Available from Plow & Hearth; $119.95.


Cool Cooler

resin wicker cooler

There’s no reason that the cooler has to stick out like a sore thumb when the rest of your yard is fashionably furnished. With its wicker design, this cooler will blend right in with the other decor. And even though it’s stylish, it doesn’t lack convenience. The 60-qt cooler can fit up to 60 bottles or 80 cans, and has a bottle opener attached to it. Open the external drain to release the melted ice and give it a quick wipe down when it’s time for clean up. Available from Target; $74.99.


Keep It Hidden

outdoor privacy screen

Sometimes the easiest way to handle the clutter is to hide it. For a quick cleanup, toss the pool floats, sprinkler, and furniture covers behind this simple red cedar screen. Visitors will only notice a pretty patio accent, while you know the real truth behind it. Available from Target; $133.99.


Stack the Tables

outdoor patio nesting tables

Every backyard gathering could use a few extra tables for setting out snacks, but when the party’s over you're suddenly stuck with finding a place to keep them. This set of nesting tables stack on top of each other for streamlined storage. Put them in the corner or next to a lounge chair to utilize the tallest table for everyday use, while the other two fit snuggly underneath. Available from Target; $119.69.


Gather Around the Pit

Fire Pit Table

A fire pit is a great way to get the family together for an entertaining evening, but if you have a small patio this kind of gathering might not seem like a viable option. Rather than having to forgo the fun, select a pit that functions in more ways than one. The propane tank for this gas-powered pit is hidden away and it comes with a handy lid for the center, so you can transform it into your dining table when you don’t need the flames for warmth. Available from Amazon; $389.99.


Stash and Serve

outdoor storage cube

A storage cube is a decorative pick for keeping your outdoor items safely stashed away. The tray top on this cube provides the added bonus of being able to use it as a small coffee or side table. With an aluminum frame, it’s light enough to move it around the yard to wherever you prefer. Available from Hayneedle; $87.72


Sneaky Set

patio chairs with footstools

Fit your deck with furniture and storage in one quick sweep with this six-piece set from Target. The wicker collection includes two chairs, two ottomans, an accent table, a fire pit, and cushions. Not only is the set fashionable, but it’s functional. The handy side table has storage below its top, perfect for keeping bug spray, sunscreen, and even a throw blanket nearby. And when you don’t have your feet kicked up on the ottomans, you can conveniently slide them under the chairs. Even the fire pit has storage for hiding the mechanics of it and a lid to convert it into a table. Available from Target; $584.99.


Sneaky Storage

Sneaky Storage

Who doesn't want more storage?


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