23 Insanely Clever Ways to Beat Clutter

Are you sick of your littered living room, overcrowded cabinet, or too-cramped-for-comfort closet? Cure clutter around the home with one of these 23 unexpectedly smart and stylish DIY ideas!

Charity Clarity

Start by Decluttering and Donating

Whether you're dealing with old toys, odds and ends, or outmoded fashions, clearing clutter begins with discarding bygone belongings that occupy space but hold little value. Using labeled bins, take stock of items to keep and organize versus those that would find a more welcome home at your favorite charity.

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Set Up Shop

Hang Up a List Pad

This stationary shopping list pad resolves the dilemma of forgotten groceries, while doing away with disorderly piles of paper and pens that take up space in the kitchen junk drawer. A birch plywood sheet forms the foundation of the list pad, while galvanized wire, screw eye hooks, and small steel plates serve up a never-ending supply of paper for jotting down essentials.

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Flying Saucer

Put Up a Pot Rack

Keep your loftiest cooking ideas—and essentials—within reach with this alluring overhead pot rack. Painted poplar boards fixed with color-complementary dowels form the frame of the rack, while a chain securely hangs it in place from the ceiling—helping you bid cabinet clutter goodbye!

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Think Outside of the Toolbox

Make a Magnetic Tool Holder

Create a garage or shed storage solution that truly sticks with this magnetic pegboard alternative. DIY your own by wall-mounting wooden boards, then measuring where each screwdriver and wrench will fit, and gluing a magnet in place to mark the spot. The end result is a storage solution that can house all the tools of the DIY trade.

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Living Out of a Suitcase

Store Out of Season Clothes in Suitcases

Give your closet a vacation from clutter by socking out-of-season garments in spare suitcases. Stacked on top or at the foot of an already full closet, old and lightweight luggage not only offers shelter to hibernating winter wear, but can also add vintage appeal to a once drab interior.

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Get Empowered

Hide Cords and Wires with a Wall-Mounted Pouch

Has a tangle of electrical cords and wires left you—and your home—in knots? Stash them out of sight in this power strip pouch assembled from scrap fabric squares and punched with grommets. When hung from L-brackets attached to the base of a TV or computer stand, your clutter will be a stylish secret.

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Keep a Low Profile

Store Kitchen Essentials Within Easy Reach

Still teetering on tiptoes to access out-of-reach dishware? There’s a safer strategy already at your fingertips. Stash fine china, decorative dishes, and other seldom-used wares high above the cabinets, leaving low-level shelves and counters free to house everyday essentials.

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Seamless Streaming

Create a DIY Box to Disguise Routers and Modems

Thanks to routers and modems, our homes are always connected—but we don't need to keep these hardworking devices on display. Keep them under wraps for good in this DIY cover—an elegant sleeve of balsa wood assembled with super glue and decorated with paint or washi tape.

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Go With the Grain

Cut Up Cereal Boxes to Divide Your Drawers

If your drawers are in disarray, call for reinforcements from your breakfast buddy: cereal. Cut off the base of an empty cereal box with a box cutter. Then, wrap the box with decorative paper. Arrange the organizers in the drawer to cure clutter and bring a dose of cheer to a desk or cabinet!

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Spiced-Up Storage

Stick Spice Tins on the Fridge

When cabinet space is at a premium, try this off-the-wall spice storage idea on for size. Adhere magnets to the back of pre-labeled clear-top tins with epoxy. Then, fill the tins with sumptuous seasonings, and stick them to the refrigerator to put your culinary and DIY chops on display.

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Grand Entrance

Make This Two-in-One Bench and Shoe Storage Solution

This two-in-one bench and shoe rack pulls double duty, acting as both storage and seating—making it perfect for a skinny entryway or foyer. To copy the look, join plywood and tapered feet with screws into a storage-smart accent.

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High-Wire Act

Use Binder Clips to Corral Desk Cords

Good for more than fastening paper, binder clips also offer an in-a-pinch solution for corralling unruly USB cables. Attach each clip to the edge of a table or desk, threading a cord through the opening to keep it level with the surface—and ready to power your devices at a moment’s notice.

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Pot Luck

Use a Curtain Rod or Command Hooks to Organize Pot and Pan Lids

With a simple tweak to an ordinary cabinet door, you may never again fumble in the dark for pot and pan lids. Simply affix a few adhesive hooks to the inside of a cupboard door, then use the frugal fixtures to mount your pot lids—and put a lid on cupboard clutter!

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Key to Organization

Make an Entryway Organizer for Mail and Keys

Can’t recall where you left the keys or mail? This wall-mounted organizer succeeds even when your memory fails you. The shelf comes together with poplar boards and wood screws, while steel drawer pulls and knobs mounted to the backing keep personal effects safe and secure.

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Bargain Bin Beauty

Label Your Storage Bins

In a sea of storage, labels can mean the difference between an organized oasis and a disorderly disaster. These DIY labels can be peeled and adhered to plain plastic storage bins for easy and elegant identification.

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Tall and Sweet

Store Kitchen Supplies with a Cake Stand

When it comes to storage-smart kitchen organizers, this tiered stand takes the cake! Furniture legs form the pretty and practical pedestals on which repurposed spring-form pans sit. When filled with coffee bar staples, this delectable display is sure to please neat freaks and caffeine lovers alike!

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Hot Rod

Double Your Closet Space with a DIY Rod

True to its name, a double closet hanging rod can instantly double hanging space in a cramped closet. To make and install one yourself, attach one end of a chain to an existing rod, and the other end to a dowel rod. Then, hang your shirts, bags, and scarves on the second rod—no extra floor space required!

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Pegged Down

Put Up Pegboard to Cut Down on Clutter

From art supplies to sewing gear, the constant clutter in a creative workspace can make it look more akin to a construction zone. Mounting a pegboard to a wooden frame on the wall is an easy and economical way to corral loose knickknacks and make room for brilliant ideas.

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Hygienic Helper

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies in a Caddy

When it's time to clean in a hurry, who has time to gather stray cleaning supplies from various undersink cabinets, broom closets, and garages? By enlisting a cleaning caddy to store all your essentials in one place, you can easily tote around cleaners and cloths to get every surface spotless—twice as fast!

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On a Roll

Make Rolling Storage Bins

Why squeeze last season’s linens and garments into an already cramped closet or armoire, when you can roll them out from under the bed in seconds in these pretty portable bins. Sanded, painted, and adorned with caster wheels, these repurposed drawers are beautiful and budget-friendly storage solutions.

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Undercover Mission

Stash Clutter Quickly with a Hidden Storage Tray

When the guests arrive before the clutter departs, stash loose magazines and remote controls in this storage-smart serving tray. As you serve coffee from the top of the wooden tray, your guests will never notice the clutter that resides in the hidden drawer below!

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Home Away From Home

Craft Cork-Covered Storage Boxes

Put a cork in office clutter with these cork storage boxes fashioned after your own humble home. The handy houses, assembled with hot glue from foam core, and wrapped with adhesive cork, offer adorable storage for office supplies. Or, use the exterior as a pin board for notes and memos.

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Bookish Charms

Make Bookends That Double as Shelf Organizers

Bookended by these multitasking organizers, your home library will be equal parts artful and enlightening. Construction is simple—requiring only wood planks assembled with wood glue and mounted with small storage boxes that complete your study station.

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