25 Affordable Options for Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has many benefits: It is beautiful and durable, and more hygienic than carpeting. If there's a downside to hardwood floors, however, it is that installing new flooring can cost a hefty sum. If you'd like to renew your kitchen, entryway, bedroom—or any room—by adding new hardwood floors, but high costs are preventing you from achieving your dream home, take heart. There are affordable options for hardwood flooring, if you know where to look.

When shopping for hardwood flooring, pay attention to the grade and the Janka hardness rating. Grade refers to the quality of the wood, and indicates the likelihood that boards will be marked by visible imperfections like knots, holes, wormholes, and color variation. Because these imperfections do not appeal to all consumers, lower grade wood floors like Natural or Cabin are generally less expensive than higher grade floors like Clear or Select. The Janka hardness rating, on the other hand, is a measure of the durability of the flooring. Trees like Bamboo, Hevea, and Acacia are softer than consumer favorites like Maple and Oak, while Hickory is harder and more durable than almost any other hardwood flooring. Even if you don't have a big budget to spend on new hardwood floors, chances are you can find something that works for your home and your budget. Check our list to see some of the affordable hardwood flooring options that exist today.

  1. Amber Brazilian Oak

    Amber Brazilian Oak Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Made of a South American wood called Tauari, also known as Brazilian Oak, these golden-hued floors are notable for their strength and straight, fine graining. Part of the Lumber Liquidators Bellawood line, the floors carry a Janka hardness rating of 1650, and are backed by a whopping transferable 100-year warranty. Available from LumberLiquidators.com; $3.99/foot.


  2. Gunstock Oak

    Gunstock Oak Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    It's no wonder that Red Oak is America's favorite material for hardwood flooring. It is both beautiful and durable, and it can easily be sourced and milled domestically. These particular millrun grade floors feature some natural color variation and mineral coloring that give it distinctive character. Backed by.a 30-year warranty and carrying a Janka hardness rating of 1290, they are designed to bring beauty to your home for years to come. Available from LumberLiquidators.com; $3.59/foot.


  3. Copper Hevea

    Copper Hevea Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Made from Hevea, also known as Rubberwood, these solid hardwood floors from Lumber Liquidators are about 15% softer than Red Oak, with a Janka hardness rating of 1092. However, despite the floors relative softness, they are surprisingly durable due to their butcher block construction, and are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. Available from LumberLiquidators.com; $2.99/foot.


  4. Hickory Natural

    Hickory Natural Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    High quality Hickory floors can outlive your furnace, your roof, and almost any fixture in your home, thank to their Janka hardness rating of 1820. In the case of these hardwood floors, made from sustainable domestic sources, a 50-year finish warranty proves just how confident the manufacturer is that the floors will endure for years and decades to come. Available at HomeDepot.com; $3.99/foot.


  5. Envi Brazilian Teak

    Envi Brazilian Teak Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    This online retailer might not be on your radar as a source for hardwood flooring, but Overstock.com offers a number of options at reasonable price points, like this richly colored Envi Brazilian Teak, which comes with a 25-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Available at Overstock.com; $145/box of 15.56 square feet.


  6. Antique Red Oak

    Antique Red Oak Cheap Hardwood Floors

    Perfect for homeowners with rustic sensibilities, the Antique Cabin collection from ReallyCheapFloors.com allows for knots, color variation, wormholes, and other imperfections that lend unique charm. The Red Oak floors carry a 1290-1360 rating on the Janka hardness scale. Available from ReallyCheapFloors.com; $1.99/foot. 


  7. Urban Tempo Hardwood Flooring Coffee House

    Urban Tempo Cheap Hardwood Flooring Coffee House

    Also available at Overstock.com is the Urban Tempo Hardwood Flooring in a deep brown Coffee House stain. Made of Acacia wood, the wide planks have a slightly distressed finish that lend themselves to modern and industrial decor styles. Available at Overstock.com; $109/box of 23.07 square feet.


  8. Oak Parquet

    Oak Parquet Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Embrace the color variation of natural oak by opting for hardwood parquet flooring. These solid wood parquet tiles have a Janka wood hardness rating of 1290, and a low-gloss finish, which means that, even with wear, it will be difficult to spot dents, nicks, and imperfections. The tiles can be glued down for easy installation. Available from HomeDepot.com; $3.29/foot.


  9. Plano Natural Hickory

    Plano Natural Hickory Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    With a Janka hardness rating of 1820, these moderately priced Hickory floors are some of the most durable you can get for your money. Sourced almost entirely from domestic materials, the Bruce Plano collection of hardwood floors celebrates natural imperfections like mineral streaks, knots and wormholes, adding character to a well-loved home. Available at HomeDepot.com; $3.99/foot.


  10. Red Natural Oak

    Red Natural Oak Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Sourced from responsibly harvested forests, these domestic Red Oak hardwood floors with a Janka hardness rating of 1152 are made to last and backed by a 30-year finish warranty. The natural color variation of the boards is protected by a medium gloss finish. Available at HomeDepot.com; $3.89/foot.


  11. Bar Harbor Acacia

    Bar Harbor Acacia Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    The distressed finish of these Acacia hardwood floors will appeal to homeowners of rustic or industrial sensibilities, although they also work well when paired with contemporary decor. The floors have a Janka hardness rating of 783 and are backed by a 30-year warranty. Available from LumberLiquidators.com; $3.99/foot.


  12. Eagle Creek in Butterscotch

    Eagle Creek in Butterscotch Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    These first-quality grade Oak wood boards are finished in a medium gloss to protect their sheen while allowing their natural color variation to shine through. Rated a 1210-1290 on the Janka hardness scale, the Eagle Creek flooring is backed by a 30-Year Wear Warranty. Available from ReallyCheapFloor.com; $2.99/foot.


  13. Farmer's Market Acacia

    Farmer's Market Acacia Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    The craftsmanship of Virginia Mill Works hardwood flooring evokes the artisan charm of the homes built in Colonial America. Although manufactured by modern means, the distressed finish and natural graining give the impression that they were carefully finished by hand. Available from LumberLiquidators.com; $3.99/foot.


  14. Urban Tempo Hardwood Flooring Mid-Century Brown

    Urban Tempo Cheap Hardwood Flooring Mid-Century Brown

    The classic dark brown of this hardwood flooring from Urban Tempo will stay in style for years to come. Not only is the finish fashionable, but the flooring itself is crafted for endurance and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Available at Overstock.com; $109/box of 23.07 square feet.


  15. Chestnut Hill Hevea

    Chestnut Hill Hevea Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Prefinished in a rich chestnut hue, these natural grade Hevea floors are most suitable for shoes-off and pet-free households, as dark-colored floors can show signs of wear and tear faster than light-colored floors. All the same, with a Janka hardness rating of 1180 and a 30-year warranty, one can expect these hardwood floors to last. Available from LumberLiquidators.com; $3.79/foot.


  16. Winchester Charcoal

    Winchester Charcoal Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Sleek and sophisticated in color, yet hard and durable by design, the Winchester hardwood flooring in Charcoal offers the best of both worlds for budget-conscious consumers. Available at ReallyCheapFloors.com; $2.19/foot.


  17. Urban Tempo Hardwood Flooring City Sand

    Urban Tempo Cheap Hardwood Flooring City Sand

    Another hardwood flooring option made from Acacia wood, this design from Urban Tempo in City Sand is suitable for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or entryways. Available at Overstock.com; $104/box of 23.07 square feet.


  18. Oak Strip Taupe

    Oak Strip Taupe Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Also from North Carolina, these solid Red Oak floors, with a Janka hardness rating of 1290, are prestained in Taupe for a modern look.  Available from ReallyCheapFloors.com; $1.99.


  19. Urban Tempo Hardwood Flooring Uptown Taupe

    Urban Tempo Cheap Hardwood Flooring Uptown Taupe

    The same wide-plank Acacia hardwood flooring is available from Urban Tempo in a range of other colors, like Taupe. The flooring is easy for a DIYer to install, thanks to the interlocking design of the wood planks. Available at Overstock.com; $109/box of 23.07 square feet.


  20. Antique Butterscotch

    Antique Butterscotch Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Sourced from North Carolina, these solid Oak hardwood floors, rated between 1290-1360 on the Janka hardness scale, are finished in a Butterscotch-colored stain to bring warmth to any room. Available from ReallyCheapFloors.com; $1.99/foot


  21. Winchester in Tumbleweed

    Winchester in Tumbleweed Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Aside from Oak, Maple is one of the most popular materials for durable hardwood floors. Maple wood is harder than Oak, which means that it can stand up better to daily use. That said, Maple floors are often finished in dark stains, which can't hide damage or imperfection as well as lighter colored floors. These Maple floors in Tumbleweed fall on the lighter side of the spectrum, making them a worthy option. Available from ReallyCheapFloors.com; $2.19/foot.


  22. Select Red Oak

    Select Red Oak Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    These unfinished Select Red Oak hardwood floors lend traditional ambiance to home interiors. Designed for nail-down installation, the tongue-and-groove edges ensure a snug fit and minimize the risk of gaps forming between floor boards. The floors have a Janka hardness rating of 1290 and come with a lifetime structural warranty. Available at HomeDepot.com; $3.69/foot.


  23. Country in White Oak Natural

    Country in White Oak Natural Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    Made of White Oak, these wide-planked floors are practically made for country farmhouse living. The honey-colored floors are crafted from White Oak and, with a Janka hardness rating of 1360, they are made to endure the daily wear and tear of a busy home. Available from ReallyCheapFloors.com; $2.19/foot


  24. Yorkshire Strip

    Yorkshire Strip Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    This solid hardwood floor, finished in a light stain, showcases the natural color variation of the White Oak tree, from which it is sourced. The Yorkshire Strip flooring in Canyon comes with a 5 Year Finish Warranty. Available from ReallyCheapFloors.com; $1.89/foot.


  25. Appalachian in Hickory Nutmeg

    Appalachian in Hickory Nutmeg Cheap Hardwood Flooring

    These floors are made of Hickory, one of the hardest option for hardwood floors with a Janka hardness rating of 1820. The durability of the material and the low-gloss finish make it a safe bet for pet owners who want hardwood floors that won't be marred by pitter patter of tiny claws. Available from ReallyCheapFloors.com; $2.99/foot.


  26. Frugal Flooring

    Frugal Flooring

    With all the new advancements, hardwood floors are more affordable than ever before.


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