25 Insanely Easy-to-Make Holiday Ornaments

With some common tools, scrap supplies, and a little know-how, you can transform just about anything into a decorative accent for your holiday tree. Here's proof!

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  1. Paper Stars

    Paper star scrapbooksetc

    Turn newspapers or an old book into an elegant star ornament. Cut thin strips of paper and fold them into loops, then hot glue the loops into a circle. Top your creation with sparkly chipboard stars to finish.


  2. Twig Christmas Trees


    A handsaw, a drill with a small bit, and sandpaper will help you craft this twig ornament. Cut twigs to size and drill holes in the center of each piece before sanding the ends with fine-grain sandpaper. Thread ribbon through the holes; make a loop at the top to hang and tie off the ribbon at the bottom. Keep it plain and rustic or use acrylic paint to decorate.


  3. Vintage-Inspired Bell Jars

    Bell jar mysocalledcraftylife

    Who knew that plastic wineglasses could look so classic? To make these vintage-inspired DIY bell jar ornaments, enclose a timeless winter scene under the plastic dome of an upturned wineglass, then sprinkle glitter inside. These step-by-step instructions will help you create your own little holiday diorama this season.


  4. Sparkling Acorn Ornament


    Paint a three-inch Styrofoam ball in a dark natural tone. Press or hot glue acorn caps into the foam, getting them as close together as possible. Fold a twine loop and use a straight pin to fix it to the ball. Brush Mod Podge along the edges of the acorn caps, and sprinkle glitter while the glue is wet. Finish with a ribbon bow once the ornament has dried.

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  5. Pom-Pom Santa


    Roll red felt into a cone shape and hot glue in place. Then attach a pom-pom and a wooden bead nose with hot glue. When the ornament is dry, thread a loop at the top of Santa's hat, and this simple project is ready to hang.


  6. Ombre Glass Ornaments

    Ombre ornaments3

    Tie one end of 12-inch string to the top of a clear glass ornament and knot a loop on the other end for hanging. Then dip the ornament in a bowl filled with colorful glass stain and hang to drip dry. Once dry, dip again to create a layered, ombre look.


  7. Scrabble Decoration

    Scrabble ornaments 030

    Grab some Scrabble tiles and spell out holiday-themed words of your choosing. Cut the Scrabble trays to fit. Then sand them smooth and hot glue the letters in place. Attach some twine or ribbon to complete this playful decoration.

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  8. Dangling Cupcakes


    Turn a ball ornament into a chocolate cupcake by wrapping the lower two-thirds with ribbon. Ice the top with Mod Podge and glitter, and glue the base into a few cupcake liners that have been glued together for stiffness. Top it off with a glittery cherry-like accent, lace with baker's twine, and this sweet DIY ornament is ready to hang.

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  9. Studded With Gumdrops


    Attach a loop of ribbon to a Styrofoam ball using hot glue and a straight pin. Then simply hot glue gumdrops in alternating colors to cover the entire ball. Although it's tempting, these sugary globes are for ogling, not consumption. 


  10. Candy Cane Bow


    Create your own peppermint twist ornament by kneading red and white polymer clay into two ropes and rolling them together before baking. Check out a full tutorial here.


  11. Filled With Glitter


    Remove the top from a clear glass ornament and squeeze a bit of floor wax inside. Turn the ball ornament to coat all sides with wax and pour the excess back into the bottle. Pour in glitter and rotate to cover the wax. Allow to dry and replace the top.


  12. Recycled T-Shirt Pom-Poms


    Transform an old T-shirt into a pom-pom by cutting it into 1/2-inch strips. Wrap the strips around an index card, then bind them in the middle with thread. Cut each of the loops and trim your pom-pom down to size. You'll find a full tutorial, including tips for dyeing your creation, here


  13. Glittery Animals


    Screw a small eyelet into the back of a plastic figurine, and then cover the entire toy in a solid color of paint. Allow the toy to dry, then coat with glitter spray paint. Finish with a layer of sealer, and you can have a menagerie of playful ornaments.


  14. Macadamia Nut Figures


    Hot glue a felt ball to a macadamia nut—this will be the face. Roll a patch of felt into a cone and thread a loop through the top. Attach to the felt ball with hot glue. Decorate your ornament with a face and a beard or yarn scarf.


  15. Salt Dough Stars


    While not edible, these cookie-cutter ornaments are sure to add delight to your tree. Follow the salt dough recipe here, then knead, roll flat, and start making cookie cutouts. Bake at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours, flipping every 30 minutes. Let the dough dry out for a few days, then paint with acrylic paints and, if desired, use a pen to embellish with intricate designs.


  16. Cinnamon Stick Bundles


    Using raffia or ribbon, bind together a handful of cinnamon sticks. Accent with rustic beads or seeds, or add a dried orange wheel to enhance the scents. Make your own orange wheels by drying slices in an oven for several hours at the lowest temperature possible.


  17. Chalkboard-Painted Ornament

    Chalkboardchristmasornament gingerblossomandglitter

    We've seen the power of chalkboard paint on everything from furniture to coffee mugs, so why not ornaments? A fresh coat on a plastic ornament lets you add a personalized touch to your tree. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to change the message.


  18. Personalized Wire


    Write a name in cursive and cut a long piece of wire. Using pliers, bend the wire to match the curves of the written name, ending with a loop or heart. Finish by wrapping the wire with baker’s twine or yarn until each letter is covered. A few drops of glue will help keep the string in place.


  19. Stuffed Felt Snowman


    Build a plump snowman in the warmth of your own living room with just felt, hot glue, and cotton batting. Personalize your snowman with colorful buttons, eyes, and a painted carrot nose. Find the full instructions here.


  20. Glittery Leaf


    Cut two leaf shapes from cardstock or watercolor paper and glitter the outward-facing sides. String a ribbon loop through a bead and glue ends between the two leaves, then clamp together to dry.

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  21. Clay Feathers


    These DIY feather ornaments can be created with air-dry clay. Here's a great tip: Drape your feathers over paintbrush handles to dry for a more 3-D appearance. You'll find more helpful details here.


  22. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

    Cookiecutter allyou

    Turn actual cookie cutters into decorative holiday ornaments by gluing a sheet of wrapping paper to card stock and tracing the shape on the reverse side. Cut out the shape with a scissor and, with just a dab of hot glue, secure the decorated card stock to the inside of the cookie cutter. 


  23. Shower Curtain Ring Wreaths


    Those no-longer-used shower curtain rings can find new life after all—and just in time for the holidays. Transform them into mini wreaths by wrapping them in colorful yarn. Personalize yours with ribbons or bells.


  24. Marbled-Effect Ornaments


    Turn clear glass ornaments into colorful decorations with acrylic paint. Start by placing a couple of drops of paint at the top inside of the neck; turn the ornament to create swirls of color. Continue adding more paint until you've created your very own, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  


  25. Light Bulb Snowman

    Lighbulb snowman ornament shelterness

    Save those burnt-out light bulbs and turn them into snowmen for the holidays. Begin by spraying the bulb with adhesive and then covering it with glitter. Next, attach twig arms with hot glue, and then use dabs of glitter gel to create the eyes, mouth, and buttons. You'll find a full tutorial here.  


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