5 Tips for Successful DIY from DIY Network Star Amy Matthews

Host of DIY Networks' "Sweat Equity" and "This New House," Amy Matthews offers some helpful DIY advice.

  1. Reuse and recycle


    Everything doesn't have to be new to make your home improvement work. I am a big fan of refurbished and salvaged products from places like Habitat Restore. It's the perfect place to find perfectly usable materials at incredible savings. Also, think before removing things from your home. Consider how you might repurpose something, like a piece of furniture, with some simple DIY.

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  2. Don't fall for fast fixes


    I'm not impressed with things that promise a quick transformation which I know are not going to last. Regardless of your budget, base your home improvement choices on genuine quality, not appearances. Smart, lasting improvements up the equity on your home, after all.

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  3. Know your limits


    Everyone has different levels of interest in DIY; know your limits before tackling a project. Not everyone is comfortable installing a wood or tile floor, operating power tools, or working on plumbing and electric. Discover what you have an interest in and like to do, and go with that. Call in a pro for the other stuff.

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  4. Watch and learn


    I started out on the job learning everything from the people I worked with. It was a watch game. Learn from pros when you can, by direct observation or by tuning into a DIY Network show like Sweat Equity. The minute you think you know it all, you realize there's something new to discover.

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  5. Choose eco-friendly


    I'm big on using things that create healthy indoor air quality, like low-VOC paints, organic cottons and products that limit off-gassing. It's something that I try to do in every part of my house. And, when it was time to do the nursery, it became even more important to me. If you are planning a nursery of your own, consider companies like Babyearth.com for eco-friendly products that are safe and healthy.

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