7 Clever Ways for Hooks to Streamline Your Life

It seems like every week there's a new organizer out there, promising to simplify your life. But sometimes the best way is the simplest one—and the most versatile too. So, in your eagerness to take charge of your surroundings, don't forget the humble hook. Hooks come in many shapes and sizes, and some can adhere to your wall without marring its surface. These are just some of the qualities that make them so effective in helping you simplify your living space. Read on to discover how you can use hooks in the home, office, and even the backyard!

Curtains Up

Curtain Rod Ideas

Whether you're on the lookout for a quick and easy window dressing, or you're a renter who isn't permitted to put holes in the walls, this idea is a lifesaver. Simply adhere two Command hooks over the window in place of screwed-in hardware, after first checking that the hooks can hold the weight of your curtains. When you need a change, you can simply remove the hooks with zero damage to your walls. 

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Hang Your Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Storage Hooks

To maintain your kitchen's sleek appearance, it's a good idea to keep everyday necessities like dishrags and scrub brushes within reach but out of sight. The blogger behind The Realistic Organizer uses her hooks to hide pot holders behind a cabinet door, but they'd be equally handy concealing rubber gloves (just punch a hole near the cuff), fly swatters, and even dustpans.

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Store Cookware Lids

DIY Pot Lid Organizer

On the quest to store cookware in the most space-efficient way possible, lids can be an irritating obstacle. To keep them from interfering with your tidy, Tetris-like arrangement of pots and pans, try this cheap and easy trick. Using plastic, nonpermanent adhesive hooks, secure your lids to the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors. When the doors are closed, the lids stay out of sight. When the doors are open, the lids are right where you want them.  

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Dangle Your Jewelry

DIY Jewelry Organizer

When you're getting ready for your day, nothing sabotages your morning like tangled jewelry or unkempt neckties. Create a slim-line organizational solution—entirely out of hooks. Adhesive wall hooks attached to the inside of a closet door keep necklaces easily accessible without being on display. Experiment with hooks of different sizes to store anything from belts to baseball caps.

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Tiny Trellis

DIY Trellis

Who says hooks are only for organization? This tiny Command hook trellis is proof that they can be used to beautify your space too. A simple combination of hooks and twine, this project gives vines a place to grow, while minimizing cost and effort.

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Charging Station

DIY Charging Station

Tired of tripping over your cellphone as it's charging? Keep your phone off the floor and out of harm's way with a few strategically placed Command hooks. Affix two hooks next to your desired outlet, and voilà! You've got a brand-new DIY charging station. 

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Clean Up Cords

Cord Storage

Are you sick of seeing cords dangling sloppily behind furniture? There's a surprisingly simple solution: Stick up clear hooks along the back edge of a table or desk, and slip the cord through them to guide it along your furniture. If you find yourself with a whole lot of excess, try this trick from The Borrowed Abode and wrap your cord around a larger hook a couple of times.

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