7 Great Places to Bunk at America's National Parks

From rustic log lodges to mountaintop cabins, these properties offer a good night's sleep as well as easy access to some of the nation's most beautiful parks.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park

    Besides being one the most beautiful spots on the planet, the nearly 3,500 square miles of wilderness at Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho) are home to grizzly bears, wolves, and herds of free-ranging bison and elk. Don’t miss seeing Old Faithful, a spectacular thermal geyser that erupts once every 45 to 90 minutes. For more information on Yellowstone, click here


  2. Old Faithful Inn

    Old Faithful Inn

    While visiting Yellowstone, consider an overnight at Old Faithful Snow Lodge, a rustic log hotel with an 85-foot-high stone fireplace in the lobby (from $129 for a frontier cabin to $323 for a king bedroom with bath), or Lake Yellowstone Hotel, the oldest lodging in any national park (from $204). For information on Yellowstone lodging, click here

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  3. Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite National Park encompasses 1,200 square miles of wilderness right in the middle of California! There’s Half Dome, a towering granite peak that sits 8,800 feet above sea level; the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias (the Grizzly Giant is 2,700 years old); and the stunning Yosemite Valley. For more information on the park, click here


  4. Wawona


    While visiting Yosemite, consider an overnight at the laid-back Big Trees Lodge (formerly Wawona). The old-fashioned family-style hotel is nestled under the pines and aspens four miles from the park’s south entrance and offers rooms starting at $114. For more on Big Trees Lodge, click here

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  5. Grand Canyon National Park

    Grand Canyon National Park

    Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is the only official “natural wonder” in the U.S. Best known for its painted desert and sandstone canyon—and the Colorado River, which surges through the valley. For more information on Grand Canyon National Park, click here.


  6. Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins

    Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins

    While visiting the Grand Canyon, consider an overnight at Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins, a popular South Rim hotel designed in 1935 by noted architect Mary E.J. Colter. The check-in point for the park’s famous mule rides, the lodge charges $110 for a standard room with private bathroom and $217 for a cabin with fireplace. For more information on the Bright Angel Lodge, click here

    flickr.com via Grand Canyon National Park

  7. Acadia National Park

    Acadia National Park

    At Acadia National Park you can explore the rugged coast of Maine, climb Cadillac Mountain (the highest peak on the Atlantic Coast), and hike the park’s historic stone carriage roads. For more information on Acadia National Park, click here.


  8. Seawall


    Consider an overnight at one of two campgrounds at Acadia National Park, including Seawall, rated one of the coolest spots to camp in America (from $22 to $60 per night). For more information on Seawall, click here

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  9. Rocky Mountain National Park

    Rocky Mountain National Park

    You can straddle the Continental Divide, hike more than 300 miles of trails, and see some of the most majestic mountain peaks in North America by visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park, including at least 60 peaks that reach an astounding 12,000 feet. For more information about Rocky Mountain National Park, click here.


  10. Stanley Hotel

    Stanley Hotel

    Overnight at one of five campgrounds in Rocky Mountain National Park, including beautiful Moraine Park ($26 per night), or book a room at the 1909 Stanley Hotel, a Colorado landmark in nearby Estes Park—and the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. For more information on the Stanley Hotel, click here


  11. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (North Carolina and Tennessee) for the sunsets on Clingmans Dome Road, the wildflowers, the 19th-century Mountain Farm Museum and Mingus Mill, and the chance to cruise along what some consider America’s most scenic byways. For more on Great Smoky Mountains National Park, click here.


  12. LeConte Lodge

    LeConte Lodge

    While visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park, consider an overnight at LeConte Lodge. It's located at 6,360 feet, near the summit of Mt. LeConte. Depending on the trail, you'll need to hike five to eight miles to get there! A rustic, hand-hewn lodge room or cabin (plus dinner and breakfast) costs $148 per adult per night and $85 for kids. For more information on LeConte Lodge, click here


  13. Zion National Park

    Zion National Park

    If visiting Utah, be sure to include a trip to Zion National Park. Everyone should see the magnificent 15-mile-long Zion Canyon and Checkerboard Mesas at least once. For more information on Zion National Park, click here.   


  14. Zion Lodge

    Zion Lodge

    While at Zion National Park consider an overnight at Zion Lodge (from $140) or Flanigan’s Inn (from $199), a great small hotel with standard rooms and efficiencies that’s within walking distance of the visitors’ center. For more information on Zion Lodge, click here


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