7 House Trends That Are on the Way Out in 2018

From finishes to furniture, there are quite a few house trends we’ve seen a lot of in 2017 that, to be honest, we could live without next year. We checked with a few designers to confirm what we already suspected, and they agree: These 7 home trends are past their prime. Which ones made the list? Read on to find out.

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  1. Rose Gold

    Rose gold

    If you ask Carla Aston of Aston Design Studio, rose gold finishes are on the way out. “By all means, keep it for your jewelry, your iPhone case, and your small home accents, but I wouldn't go buying a Viking range with rose gold finishes on it like the one I saw at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show last year,” Carla said. “I think that is too big of an investment in a trendy finish.”

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  2. Bar Carts

    Bar cart

    Many homeowners spent 2017 searching high and low for the perfect bar cart to complement their space. “While perfectly staged bar carts look beautiful, they often go unused on a daily basis, taking up space and collecting dust,” according to the Zillow Home Trend Forecast. “Instead, experts predict a shift toward coffee carts, which can be equally trendy, but far more practical.”

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  3. Minimalism

    Minimalist office

    You can have a modern space without it feeling cold, says Tracie Butler of Tracie Butler Design. “Cold and minimalist modern is out,” Tracie said. “My clients are requesting a clean and modern look with warmth and coziness. It’s all about layering textures and patterns.”

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    Zillow Digs home in Los Altos, CA

  4. Meaningless Clutter

    Clutter free

    On the flip side, a profusion of material objects doesn’t necessarily convey warmth. “Clutter and meaningless objects are out,” said Tracie Butler of Tracie Butler Design. “Keep things in your house that have meaning and are special to you.”

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  5. All-White Kitchens

    White kitchen

    Designers behind the Zillow Home Trend Forecast are ready to bid farewell to all-white kitchens in 2018. “While homes with all-white kitchens can be beautiful in photos, they are hard to keep clean and they may sell for less money,” says Zillow home design expert Kerrie Kelly.

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    Zillow Digs home in San Francisco, CA

  6. Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed wood

    In 2017, we saw reclaimed wood everywhere, from accent walls to kitchen islands to DIY headboards. While the material is eco-friendly, the look is getting tired, according to Trulia’s “What’s Out” list for 2018. “I think we have been phasing this one out for a bit and I am hopeful this trend continues,” said Hannah Crowell of Crowell & Co. and a member of the Trulia Design Panel.

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  7. Monochromatic Color


    There’s a reason that Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. According to Tracie Butler, “Monochromatic color is out and bright and bold colors are in. It’s all about making a statement.”

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