7 Tricks for Keeping Cool Without AC

Summer is only just beginning, and already, it seems like it is going to be a scorcher! Although many modern homes are equipped with air conditioning, it can be a costly investment—both in terms of installment and in sky high energy bills. A few simple changes, however, can keep your home cooler and more comfortable throughout the summer months, allowing you to skip or skimp on air conditioning—and save some cash in the process. Read on for a handful of helpful ways to beat the heat this summer.


Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be your best friend come summer, but make sure they are set to run in a counter-clockwise direction; this allows them to draw cooler air up from the floor. At night, try positioning a box fan in an open window to pull in the cooler air from the outdoors.

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Cook Al Fresco

Outdoor Cooking

Cooking dinner over a hot oven heats up more than the chef—it warms up the home as well. Keep your house cooler by doing more of your summer cooking on an outdoor grill, or opting for cold salads and sandwiches. If you must use the stove, run the ventilator hood fan to draw the hot air out of the house.

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Keep 'Em Closed

Close Your Windows

When the sun's rays pour in through windows and doors they can contribute to an overheated home. Keep curtains and blinds drawn during the daytime to block heat generating sunlight. Then when night falls, open the windows to allow cooler nighttime air to enter the house.

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Ice Bucket

A simple do-it-yourself air conditioner can help keep you cool: simply place a bag of ice in a metal bowl, then position a fan to blow over the ice. For an even more elaborate set up, consider a homemade A/C unit like this one.

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Use Nature’s Coolers

Plant Trees

Planting trees in the yard goes a long way to keeping your home cool during the summer. Leafy deciduous trees provide shade during summer, but let in light during the winter once their leaves drop. If trees aren’t an option, consider installing awnings over the sunniest side of the house.

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Eliminate Heat Sources

Eliminate Heat Sources

Chances are that you can do without some of the heat-producing equipment in your household. Unplug chargers when not in use, as these can draw additional heat into the home through electrical sockets. Replace incandescent light bulbs with cooler (and more efficient) CFL or LED lights. If you normally park the car in the garage, leave it outside in the driveway for an hour or two until the engine cools off.


Screen Time

Install Screen Door

If there's anything worse than a hot house, it's a hot and stuffy house. Consider installing a screen door over the front or rear exits. Then, open your door in the early morning and after dusk when the weather is at its coolest to air fresh air into your home.

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