8 Disease-Resistant Apple Tree Varieties

To cut down on yard maintenance and reduce the need for dangerous pesticides, opt for one of these eight hardy apple tree species.

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  1. Pristine


    This variety bears a canary yellow apple with tart, juicy flavor that's ideal for either cooking or snacking. The highly productive Pristine tree blooms early, but with the fruit's long shelf life, you can keep apples at the ready all summer. 


  2. William's Pride


    A firm and juicy apple that ranges from dark red to deep purple, William's Pride, one of the older disease-resistant varieties, is great for eating fresh. If you dream of lying in your backyard chomping on an endless supply of apples, this is the tree for you.


  3. Liberty


    Liberty apples, with their yellow-green and red coloring, are the ultimate choice for pies. Their crisp flavor makes them ideal for canning and desserts as well, but don't pass up the chance to make a snack of them—they're that good! This mid-season bloomer is one of the best-known disease-resistant types.


  4. Enterprise


    Bright red, juicy, and tart, the Enterprise apple has a tough peel, but the fruit falls from an easy-to-grow tree. Edible fresh, the apple's tartness makes it most suitable for serving in a dessert. These apples arrive late in autumn and if kept cold, they last for months. Start making room in your fridge now!


  5. GoldRush


    GoldRush trees produce a super large, super crisp variety that is—as its name and relation to the ubiquitous Golden Delicious would suggest—yellow. Toss GoldRush apples in a pie, in your lunch bag, or in the back of the pantry. Upper Midwesterners take note: This tree is definitely winter hardy!


  6. Freedom


    Freedom trees are both easy to grow and... patriotic! Highly recommended for home growers looking to find  a low-maintenance apple species, the tree will bloom mid-season, and the fruit (colored pale yellow with red striations) will last for at least a month or two in storage. Good for anything from snacking to applesauce.


  7. Redfree


    Producing a red and yellow fruit with smooth skin, the Redfree is a simple and successful early-summer variety. The taste is crisp with an almost addictive sweetness. If you can resist eating them straight from the tree, try out Redfree apples' sweet flavor in ciders and sauces.


  8. Jonafree


    Sweet and juicy, the fall-blooming, glossy red Jonafree apple is very nice for snacking but truly exceptional in pies, applesauce, and juices.