8 Other Things You Can Do with a Pumpkin

Autumn’s arrival brings with it an atmosphere of abundance. There’s plenty of family, food, and fun, a mountain of freshly fallen leaves, and more pumpkins than there are ways to use them—or so you thought. Before you go out of your gourd carving yet another traditional jack-o’-lantern, try instead to transform pumpkins into fantastical decor and functional home accents. Get inspired with 8 of our favorite fall pumpkin creations.

  1. Bright Idea

    Pumpkin Candles

    Traditional votives don’t hold a candle to these ambient pumpkin lights. Carve a miniature pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. Then, add a wick and melted wax to create your own rustic candle. For an even easier version, cut a hole in the pumpkin just big enough for a tea light that will lend a warm and cozy ambience to a crisp, autumn night.

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  2. Soup’s On

    Pumpkin Bowl

    Most pumpkins become an empty shell of their former selves once the pulp is removed—but not this pumpkin serving bowl! Slice off the top of a pumpkin, scoop out the flesh and seeds, and fill the shells with your favorite soup (get a tempting recipe here). Your dinner guests will be tricked into a treat when they lift the lids on these unconventional tureens. 

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  3. Chilling Out

    Pumpkin Cooler

    A DIY pumpkin cooler will give your festive drinks the chills. Carve out the seeds and pulp of a pumpkin to make room for a large glass bowl filled with ice cubes, soda cans, or wine bottles. Alternatively, use the pumpkin as a punch bowl that’s sure to be the star of your next party.

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    Design: waitingonmartha.com; Photo: rusticwhite.com

  4. Fabled Table

    Painted Pumpkins

    If you thought decorative gourds couldn't get any better, take a look at these gold-dipped pumpkins that can lend glamour to dining tables or end tables. White mini pumpkins dipped in a pan of gold acrylic paint (or taped and spray painted) create a magical tableau that you'll be proud to display at family dinners.

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  5. Mum-kin Patch

    Pumpkin Planter

    Mum’s the word on this pro tip for a beautiful and low-maintenance fall planter. Place a mum or other plant, still in its plastic nursery pot, into a dry, hollowed-out pumpkin. (Keeping the plant in its plastic container will prevent the inside of the pumpkin from rotting as a result of direct soil exposure.) For an extra-special touch, adorn the planter with raffia, moss, or a vivid satin ribbon.

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  6. Dressed-Up Address

    Fall Porch Pumpkin

    A spare moment and a pumpkin are all you need to provoke the envy of your neighbors with this house number pumpkin. Print out your address in a whimsical font before stenciling it onto a large, painted pumpkin. Color in the numbers with a Sharpie to make a bold statement on your front porch. To prevent ink runoff, ensure that the pumpkin is free of moisture before you get to work.

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  7. Name Calling

    Pumpkin Name Card

    What’s in a name? In the case of these pretty place card holders, the name is celebrated by miniature pumpkins and a charming, personal touch. Make your kith and kin feel right at home with their own customized pumpkins, embellished with gold leaf. Around each pumpkin's stem, tie a satin ribbon that has been thoughtfully emblazoned with a guest's name in metallic paint pen. 


  8. Flock Party

    Pumpkin Bird Feeder

    The birds in your neighborhood will go cuckoo for this pumpkin bird feeder, made from a leftover holiday pumpkin.
    Use a sharp tool to pierce holes around the exterior of a hollowed-out pumpkin, then insert aromatic cloves. Braid together lengths of twine, and attach to the bottom of the pumpkin using a nail. Then, fill the bowl with birdseed to give your feathered friends a special fall feast.

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  9. Pumpkin Projects

    Pumpkin Projects

    Pumpkins aren't just for jack-o-lanterns anymore. Try your hands at one—or more—of these festive DIYs.


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