9 Creative Uses for the Back of Any Door

Hidden behind every door is a wealth of untapped potential—often times the extra bit of storage you've been dreaming about, sometimes service for a hack. There’s so much more to do than leave it blank. Flip through some of our favorite DIY approaches to making the most of a typically ignored space.

Store Surplus Supplies

Laundry Room

The back of a door gives you endless storage, if you fill it up right. Melaine of My Sweet Savannah maximized every inch of her laundry room door with a hanging organizer from Home Depot. A coat of chalkboard paint helps her label supplies.

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Jot Down Reminders

Chalkboard Ideas

A coat of chalkboard paint turns the back of a medicine cabinet into a notepad for reminders, shopping lists, and personalized notes. Plus, Katherine from Inspire, Design, & Create added a pop of robin egg blue to make the standard cabinet more cheerful.


Bag Everything Up

Organize Toys

Towel hooks screwed into the door can hang totes full of items to make them easy to grab on the go or, like in this case, simply keep them off the floor. Here, Play Chic Interiors arranged the matching totes to serve as stuffed animal storage.


Stash Spices Away

DIY Spice Rack

Free up drawer space and countertops by collecting spices just inside a kitchen cabinet. Anna from Door Sixteen picked up her hanging racks from IKEA to fit 18 of her most-used herbs and spices.


Tame a Collection of Tools

Creative Tool Storage

Hang spare tool belts on the back of a door for a real DIY take on the over-the-door shoe organizer concept. Here, as demonstrated by Family Handyman, it makes perfect sense to stuff with essential tools, adhesives, and brushes.


Sneak in a Sliver More

Clever Storage Ideas

For difficult to access closet space, a pocket door made of pegboard slides out to offer sneakier storage. Kristin from the Hunted Interior designed hers to hang slim tools and supplies.


Hang Tight

Scarf Storage Ideas

A handmade organizer displays silk scarves on the back of the bedroom door so any style is easy to spot and snatch on the way out in the morning. Fashion designer Sally Ann handcrafted hers by gluing clothespins to a length of crown molding, and strung it up on a towel hook.


That's a Wrap

How to Store Wrapping Paper

Towel racks installed to the back of the door make it easy to hang buckets, baskets—even rolls of wrapping paper. Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone used shower curtain clips to clasp one end of a roll and hang it from the bar.


String Jewelry in Plain Sight

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry need not tangle inside a box—make your accessories accessible by hanging each on the back of a door with a hook. Here, Jillee at One Good Thing by Jillee repurposed a thread rack into a jewelry organizer to let her favorite beads dangle.


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