9 Home Organization Secret Weapons

Putting your home in order is never a simple or enjoyable task. But with a few smart purchases and some creative solutions, you can get each room in your house under control—and have them all stay that way. Continue reading to learn about some clever products that make organizing your space a cinch.

Happy Hanging

DIY Organizing Ideas

Armed with a curtain rod, a few S-hooks, and some creative planning, you can turn any space or span of wall into a multifunctional organization station. Whether you put the rods to use hanging cups and utensils in the kitchen or holding shoes in a closet-less bedroom, this inexpensive hack will get things organized and off the countertop or floor in no time. Available at IKEA; $9.99.

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Label Love

Label Maker Ideas

The best way to ensure that every room stays organized is through the magic of the label maker. This handy machine allows you to label virtually anything, making basement storage boxes full of holiday decorations, containers of pantry staples, and even files of paperwork so much easier to identify, put to use, and swiftly return. Available on Amazon; $34.99.

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

Organizing Ideas

For the Shakers of early America, cleanliness and organization took on an almost spiritual importance. With pared-down simplicity central to their religion, you can bet that the Shakers developed more than one way to conquer clutter. Among their hallmarks, none has stood the test of time better than the peg rail. Hundreds of years later, it remains as effective and versatile as ever, providing an easy, within-reach storage solution for miscellaneous belongings in virtually any room. Available at Peg and Rail; starting at $18 (depending on size and style).

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A "Crate" Idea

Crate Ideas

A fixture of tag sales and flea markets, vintage wine boxes are versatile storage favorites, perfect in the mudroom, basement, or garage—and even sometimes under the bed or in the closet. Easier to obtain are unfinished wooden crates that are sold affordably online or at your local home improvement center. Available in a range of sizes, these catchall crates are easy to customize. You can paint, oil, or stain them according to your preference, and you can even add casters for portability. Available at The Home Depot; starting at $12.98 (depending on crate size).

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If the Shoe (Pocket) Fits...

Organization Tips

Let's face it: The best kind of storage happens behind closed doors, and these back-of-the-door organizers are no exception. With possibilities that go far beyond stashing shoes, the deep pouches of these organizers can accommodate cleaning supplies, toiletries, spools of yarn, Barbie dolls, craft supplies, or collections of pretty much any pocket-size items. Available at The Container Store; $17.99.

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Divide and Conquer

DIY Drawer Dividers

Impose order on an unruly sock drawer or arrange the tangle of pens and phone chargers in your desk with a set of drawer dividers. Add them to a dresser to keep belts and ties organized, or deploy them in a bathroom vanity to separate the first aid items from personal hygiene products. In whatever room you use these handy helpers, they're sure to make everyday activities easier and minimize clutter in the process. Available at The Container Store; from $6.

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Magnetic Magic

Magnet Uses

Magnetic knife holders exploit the principle of vertical space to clear out drawers that are overflowing with sharp utensils. Once you master the art of organization using magnetic strips in the kitchen, you'll quickly find that this trick can be applied just about anywhere. Hang a magnetic knife rack in the garage to corral screwdrivers and screws, above the craft table to hold scissors at arm's length, or even in a boy's bedroom to keep a convoy of Hot Wheels from rolling around underfoot. Available on Amazon; $17.99.

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Peg It Up

Organizing Tips

As appropriate in the far reaches of the garage as it is in Julia Child's kitchen (preserved at the Smithsonian), pegboard is an all-American storage staple. While pegboards have traditionally been used to keep workshop tools organized and in plain sight, they now serve as decorative storage with a multitude of uses. One idea worth trying: Hang a sheet of painted pegboard over a desk to make room for office supplies, crafting necessities, or even a holiday wrapping station. Available on Amazon; $52.95.

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Crystal Clear

DIY Storage Ideas

Clear plastic bins are classics for a reason: They're infinitely useful, relatively inexpensive, and super easy to store. Put the bins to work in your closet to organize your seasonal clothes, try them in the garage to corral sports equipment, or take control of the toy room by designating a bin for each activity. Available at The Container Store; $9.99.

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If you have the money to hire a handyman for every household woe, go ahead. But if you want to hang on to your cash and exercise some self-sufficiency, check out these clever products that solve a million and one little problems around the house. Go now!