9 Painless Ways to Keep Your Home Forever Clean

Cleaning—it’s a thankless task. All told, the average person spends approximately five years just repeating the same cleaning chores over and over. We know you have things you’d rather be doing so we’ve put together our best tips for painlessly cleaning your house—and keeping it clean longer. Click through and adopt some of these timesaving tricks into your cleaning routine today.

Polish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Clean Your Cabinets with Furniture Wax Paste

A thin coat of furniture paste wax fills tiny cracks in the wood grain on painted and stained cabinets. The result is a smoother surface that's easier to clean, making future spills and splatters a cinch. Before applying furniture paste wax, clean and dry cabinets, then wax on and buff to a sheen.

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Wipe Baseboards with Fabric Softener Sheets

Dust Baseboards with Fabric Softener Sheets

If dust bunnies are crowding your baseboards, try this clever trick. After cleaning baseboard trim, wipe the clean surface with a dryer sheet. The antistatic properties in the sheet prevents dirt and debris from sticking, allowing your trim to stay dust-free for months.

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Oil Wooden Cutting Boards for Quicker Cleaning

Oil Wooden Cutting Boards for Easier Cleaning

Wooden cutting boards are attractive kitchen accents, but when they become dry and cracked, they can trap food particles that can only be removed by hard scrubbing. A little mineral oil can change condition dry wood and simplify cleanup. After thoroughly cleaning your cutting board, brush on a thick coat of food-grade mineral oil. Leave it on overnight and then wipe it clean in the morning for a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

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Keep the Good Silver Shiny without Polishing

Keep the Good Silver in Plastic Wrap

Great Aunt Betty’s glistening silver sets a beautiful table, but it’s a pain to polish every spoon and fork before a special dinner. Prepare now for your next special occasion by washing and drying the silverware, then wrapping each piece snugly in plastic wrap, which slows the rate at which silver tarnishes. At your next party, your silverware set will be as shiny as it was when you packed it away.

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Ditch the Duster: Waxed Paper to the Rescue

Dust with Waxed Paper

The tops of tall bookcases, armoires, and entertainment centers are the devil to dust! Keep those out-of-sight tops clean, and cut your dusting duties, by lining them with waxed paper. When the wax sheet gets dirty, simply roll it up, dust and all, and toss it in the trash.

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Cut Commode Cleaning with Drop-in Tablets

Clean Your Toilet with Tablets

“I love scrubbing the toilet!” said no one ever! Keep your bathroom clean and your commode ring-free for up to two months with drop-in toilet tablets. Just place one in the tank and the slow-release chemicals will clean the bowl with every flush. If you don't like the look of blue water in the bowl, skip the tablets and drop a magic-type eraser in the toilet tank instead. By using one of these two clever products, you may never have to scrub the toilet again!

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Mineral Oil: Tackle Tarnished Brass

Polish Brass with Mineral Oil

Brass, when polished to perfection, makes for striking candlesticks, furniture accents, and fixtures. But for those who must polish these shining beauties, brass can quickly lose its luster. To keep brass shiny longer, rub a little mineral oil on just-polished items and buff with a soft cloth. The oil creates a microscopic layer of protection against oxygen that delays tarnishing and saves cleaning time.

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Put the Power of Rain Repellent to Work on Shower Doors

Apply Rain Repellent to Shower Doors

It works great on your car’s windshield, and now you can find rain repellent suitable for use on glass shower doors! Apply an even coat of repellent to the inside of your shower door and let it dry to a haze. Buff thoroughly with a soft clean cloth. Glass shower doors will stay crystal clear for weeks, even with hard water! Not all rain repellants are safe to use indoors, so check the label before adding it to your cleaning routine.

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