9 Things You Can Do with 1 Gallon of Paint

A gallon of gas? It won't get you too far. A gallon of milk? If you have a big family, it can be gone in a day. But a gallon of paint? It can go a long way. If you share our quest to make everything old new again, consider paint for the job. With 128 ounces or less, you can revamp or renew many common household fixtures. Here are nine ideas to get you started.

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  1. Door to Door


    If you're in the mood for near-instant gratification, you'll love this quick and easy door project. Simply mark off the area of the door you don't want painted, and cover the rest of with a bold splash of color. To get the full effect, make sure to paint the doorknob, too.

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  2. Colorful Cabinetry


    Believe it or not, you can paint your kitchen cabinets in an afternoon. For best results, remove the doors and hardware first. Re-installing them is easy, since your drill holes have already been piloted.

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  3. Window of Opportunity


    What a difference a little paint makes! By covering only the inside grid of these windows, your eye is drawn to the light and perhaps, a beautiful view. A diligent application of painters' tape will keep you coloring inside the lines.

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  4. Vintage


    Paint can transform a dated (but functional) piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost it takes to replace it. This old dresser's new look is courtesy of a gray shade of chalk paint, "roughed up" with strategically placed streaks of a darker finishing wax. The result is a charming piece of Americana.

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  5. On the Down Low


    Have a tired rug that could use a pick me up? A little paint goes a long way when it's used to accent a plain, flat weave rug. After taping down your pattern of choice, a roller brush will help you apply the first coat of cover. A stencil brush will also come in handy if you need to fill in any gaps.

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  6. Off the Wall


    Who says you your new paint job needs to cover the whole wall? A flat 1" wide craft brush and less than a gallon of paint is all you need to create this freeform statement wall. Just remember to take time to stand back from your wall every now and then, to make sure your pattern is balanced.

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  7. Fireside Flash


    If your fireplace underwhelms you, a complete redo is not your only option for making it more appealing. Both tile and brick take very well to paint, and a brightly colored coat or two will make your hearth seem like new. If it's a working fireplace (and you use it), a no-VOC semi-gloss is the best paint for the job.

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  8. Show Your Stripes


    To replicate this chevron-striped accent wall, measure out your stripes and mark with a pencil; then apply painters tape to your pattern. Once you’ve prepped, use a roller brush to paint on the color.

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  9. Fit and Trim


    Sometimes the simplest change can produce dramatic effects, like the shiny black trim on this otherwise white kitchen woodwork. Once you've decided on an accent color, the only other materials you'll need are a ladder, a paintbrush, and a steady hand.

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