9 Wheelbarrows to Lighten Your Load

Just as shovels and rakes come in every size and shape, wheelbarrows are now available in varying designs to suit your gardening needs.

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  1. Total Control

    Wheelbarrow 2

    A modernized version of the classic wheelbarrow, this steel-construction model from Ames features ergonomic handles for superior control and maneuverability, and with six cubic feet devoted to hauling, it can handle your heaviest loads with ease.


  2. Classic One-Wheeler

    Wheelbarrow 1

    This is your Dad’s wheelbarrow, a traditional one-wheel, two-handled design with a steel bucket. In other words, it’s a landscaping workhorse that would serve a gardener for many years.


  3. Realbarrow

    Wheelbarrow 3

    From Keter, this is a multi-position work wagon. Featuring ergonomic handles and heavy-duty rubber wheels, the Realbarrow tips forward onto a steel-reinforced edge, allowing materials to be swept, raked, or pushed in from ground level. Handily, it can be stood upright to save precious storage space.


  4. Yard Cart

    Wheelbarrow 4

    The Lifetime Yard Cart is a wheelbarrow and more. Designed with a steel-tongue assembly, the push handle converts to a towing hitch, which means you can use your tractor or riding mower to haul heavy loads. An added benefit is that the ten-cubic-foot tub is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, so the cart is as easy on the earth as it is on your back.


  5. In the Fold

    Wheelbarrow 5

    If you don’t have space to store a wheelbarrow, consider this one—it folds up to only eight inches thick! And even though it only weighs 20 pounds, this model can hold up to five cubic feet of material, or roughly 250 pounds, in its PVC-lined polyester fabric bed.


  6. Garden Barrow

    Wheelbarrow 6

    This model's bicycle-like wheels allow for maximum maneuverability; its ergonomically designed handle makes for easy pushing and pulling; and its strong, steel undercarriage with corrosion-proof poly tray can hold six cubic feet of material.


  7. EZ Pour

    Wheelbarrow 7

    If you are mixing and pouring materials more than you are hauling and tipping them, a wheelbarrow with a pour spout may very well be your best bet. The integrated pour spout on the EZPour makes placing that mulch or concrete more exact.


  8. Wheel Easy

    Wheelbarrow 8

    The WheelEasy LE is a collapsible yard cart capable of supporting 150 pounds in its canvas basin, and when the handles are pushed down, convenient ground-level loading is possible. Plus, the wheelbarrow's low center of gravity translates into your only having to push a small portion of the load.


  9. Self-Propelled

    Wheelbarrow 10

    The Neuton Battery Powered Garden Cart has a five-cubic-foot capacity and can haul up to 200 pounds of plants, dirt, wood and other materials. The cart has two forward speeds and a powered reverse, and the rechargeable battery will give you a day’s work on a single charge. It’s a great solution for gardeners with physical challenges.


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