A Christmas Tree Timeline

A historical timeline highlighting some fun and interesting Christmas tree facts.

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  1. The First Decorated Tree


    In 1510, the first decorated Christmas tree appears in Riga, Latvia—today the capital of, and largest city in, that country.


  2. The First US Christmas Trees


    Between 1820-1830, the Pennsylvania Dutch are credited with having decorated the first Christmas trees in the United States.


  3. The Christmas Tree Goes Royal

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    In 1834, Prince Albert brings the first Christmas tree into Windsor Castle, making it a most royal tradition.


  4. New York City's First Retail Tree Lot


    In 1851, Mark Carr opens the first Christmas tree retail lot in New York City.


  5. The First White House Tree


    In 1923, President Calvin Coolidge lights the first National Christmas tree at the White House.


  6. The Feather Tree Comes to the U.S.

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    In 1930, Feather trees, first created in Germany, become a fixture in the United States. They range in size from 2 inches to 6 feet.


  7. The First Rockefeller Tree Lighting

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    In 1933, the first Rockefeller Center tree is lit, and has been every November since. The tree--traditionally a Norway spruce--is now illuminated with 30,000 lights.


  8. The Aluminum Tree Is Born


    In 1950,  Addis–a toilet brush-making company–patents the popular Silver Pine tree, made from aluminum.


  9. Disney Goes Faux


    In 2008, Disney breaks a 53-year tradition by installing a fake Christmas tree on Disney World's main street. It contains 300,000 molded tips and stands 60 feet tall.


  10. The Numbers Continue to Grow


    In 2011, around twelve million artificial trees will be sold, including one of Bob Vila's 10 Best Artificial Trees, the Colorado Mountain Spruce by Balsam Hill. If you're still deciding whether to go with a fake or real tree, consider Christmas Trees: Real vs. Artificial. For a historical timeline highlighting some fun and interesting Christmas tree facts, see A Christmas Tree Timeline