Artificial Turf: 6 Reasons to Consider the New Grass Alternative

There's more to today's artificial turf products than just good looks. Here are seven reasons to consider one of the new "grass" products.

  1. Sphere Turf

    Sphere Turf

    Sphere Turf is an authentic-looking Rye product that features multi-faceted blades with twist, thatch and two-tone colored fibers for a more natural look. A multi-layer polyethylene backing offers maximum blade support and contributes to the products low-maintenance and durability. It carries an all-weather rating and comes with an 8-year warranty.

  2. StarPro


    Featuring a blade height of 1.75 inches, StarPro's St. Augustine Ultra Premium Synthetic Grass is a designer turf with one of the thickest face weights (77 oz.) in the industry. In addition to its tri-coloration of lawn green, field green and tan-colored thatch, the blade is extremely dense and straight, making it great for courtyards and front and back lawns. It is UV-stabilized and stain resistant.

  3. RealGrass


    RealGrass is 23% thicker and plusher than the company's Deluxe product making it an ideal lawn for anyone looking for superb year-round beauty. The blades are 1.75 inches tall and come with a natural-looking, wheat-colored thatch for realism. RealGrass is an all-poly product featuring a patented urethane backing.

  4. Pregra


    Pregra Premium Artificial Grass is a 100% nylon-free, polyethylene product that features a dual-yarn, monofilament grass blade for a truly lifelike appearance. The product is all-weather rated (snow, rain and sun), pet friendly and comes with a polyurethane athletic backing for added durability.

  5. ForeverLawn


    Select HD from ForeverLawn offers the same realistic grass-look of the company's Select VR, but at a lighter weight. The synthetic bright green and tan thatch product is constructed with a diamond mono face yarn for high resiliency. It is suited for moderate to high traffic landscape conditions. Available through ForeverLawn dealers.


  6. SYNlawn


    SYNlawn UltraLush is made from polypropylene (a 100% recycled material) and features a face weight of 43.0 ounces with a urethane-coated backing. Easy to clean and maintain and ideally suited for high-traffic areas, the product is safe for both children and pets. It is UV protected and fire resistant and comes with a 7-year manufacturer's warranty.


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