Before and After: 7 Stunning Bathroom Makeovers

Because the bathroom isn’t the first thing visitors see, it often falls to the bottom of the DIY to-do list. But a bathroom shouldn’t stay out of sight and out of mind, because it is one of the most-used areas of any home. With a little tender love and care, even the most shameful space can be transformed into a spa-like retreat. Upgrades can be as easy as changing the paint color or switching up mirrors or other accents, or as complex as replacing vanities and renovating showers. We’ve found 7 before-and-after bathroom makeovers sure to inspire you to take the plunge with your own project.

  1. BEFORE: Goodbye, Granny

    Old Fashioned Bathroom

    This 1980s master bathroom might have been stylish in its day, but not today. Dated floral wallpaper, an ugly countertop, and sad tile made this bathroom cringe-worthy enough to earn the epithet "granny-like."

  2. AFTER: Hello, Style

    Spa Bathroom

    A pair of framed mirrors replace the single large mirror, and a new vanity and countertop bring the bathroom up-to-date. In place of the busy wallpaper, a calming taupe paint color enlarges and warms up the space. Wood-look tile flooring imparts a spa-like quality to the room. 

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  3. BEFORE: Not Pretty in Pink

    Carpeted Bathroom

    This large bathroom had a number of problems, the first being tired, impractical pink carpeting. The overpowering floral wallpaper and brass-framed shower added to the girly, less-than-glam effect.

  4. AFTER: Lovely Earth Tones

    Remodeled Bathroom

    A tumbled marble floor replaces the carpeting, and tile now covers the lower half of the walls. The tile's glass mosaic border adds a stunning decorative accent. Bright, dated brass fixtures were painted oil-rubbed bronze in keeping with the new palette, and wood shelves hold nature-inspired knickknacks.

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  5. BEFORE: Off Broadway

    Dingy Yellow Bathroom

    These homeowners were never fans of their bathroom’s peeling vinyl tile floor or crumbling vanity, and the bulb lights above the vanity made the space more akin to a dilapidated theater dressing room than a family bath.

  6. AFTER: On the Mark

    Cool Crisp Bathroom

    This peaceful makeover employs clean white tile and polished-nickel wall lights that illuminate newly painted walls. Providing a counterpoint to all the white is a dark brown vanity topped with Italian marble.

  7. BEFORE: Single Sink

    Ordinary Bathroom

    While the original bathroom wasn’t horrible, the number-one priority for these homeowners was providing more space for a busy family. With just one sink and a single mirror, only one person could brush his teeth at a time.

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  8. AFTER: Spreading Out

    Double Sink Bathroom

    A new vanity with a double sink adds more utility while still allowing for ample countertop space. The new bathroom got a farmhouse-inspired upgrade with a set of arched mirrors set in distressed frames.

  9. BEFORE: Boring Beige

    Old Bathroom

    This snooze-worthy bathroom was just adequate, not special. With dated flooring and yellowish walls, the large space offered the perfect blank canvas for a fun design.

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  10. AFTER: Salvaged and Chic

    Industrial Chic Bathroom

    This awe-inspiring makeover packs in a ton of vintage charm. A license plate-adorned vanity is the focal point of the room, while a mirror framed in yardsticks is the perfect playmate for the shabby-chic ladder used as a towel rack.

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  11. BEFORE: Pepto Pink

    Pink Bathroom

    While pink tile certainly has character, it isn’t for everyone. Rather than being a place of bliss, this shabby bathroom was enough to put anybody on edge.

  12. AFTER: Accented with Charm

    Charming Bathroom

    White subway tile provides a crisp update while retaining some of the space’s original charm. A white vanity blends in nicely, letting the artwork and decorative accents to do the talking.

  13. BEFORE: Bland Bathroom

    Palm Tree Bathroom

    This dated bathroom had plenty of palm trees, but it lacked personality and pizzazz. A monochromatic beige color scheme added to the blah vibe.

  14. AFTER: aShow Your Stripes

    Striped Bathroom

    A bold horizontal stripe paint job infuses the bathroom with modern style. The rest of the makeover relies on easy upgrades like painting the vanity and switching out the shower curtain.

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