"Best in Show" Doghouse Contest Winners!

We celebrate the best runners-up and reveal the victor of this year's competition.

  1. Runners Up

    Runners Up

    Bob Vila's "Best in Show" Doghouse Contest has come to a close—it's time to announce our winner! Click through to see the submissions from the runners-up in our competition, plus the magnificent puppy palace we chose to honor with the title "Best in Show".


  2. Biggest Doghouse

    Biggest Doghouse

    Dubbed a "rustic mansion for country dogs" by owner Megan, what this doghouse lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in sheer size. And if this picture is any indication, the giant shelter is a big hit with its residents.

    Megan Crisp

  3. Most Easily Cleaned

    Most Easily Cleaned

    Ken's homemade doggie den is a dream come true for his pooch, Toto. It has "an insulated floor with easy-to-change carpet, a covered porch with Trex decking, and—to make it easy to clean inside—the whole house lifts off its base", Ken boasts.

    Ken Swanson

  4. Best of the Classics

    Best of the Classics

    In his first major building project, dog owner Nicholas constructed this basic wood backyard house for his dog, Mai. The classic design boasts an added feature: "On the side of the house is a place for her water and food so the birds don't eat/drink it," he tells us.

    Nicholas Rice

  5. Best Complement

    Best Complement

    This cottage-style doghouse is the perfect size for a larger dog, featuring a "sliding window system with screens to ventilate". And to make the doghouse complement its surroundings, Gene, the dog owner, painted the exterior to match the siding and trim color of the main house!

    Greg Maiorano

  6. Most Creative Paint Job

    Most Creative Paint Job

    This is a doghouse that refuses to blend in with the others. Toto will never forget which house is his, even if he's tired from exercising all day!

    Melissa Leinhart

  7. Best Picture

    Best Picture

    We couldn't help but smile when we saw this picture of the adorable Karlie and the modest home she clearly loves. Owner Christine says her Australian shepherd and border collie mix isn't particular, "as long as she can watch the people and cars going by, she's happy!"

    Christine Hartz

  8. Best Use of Unexpected Materials

    Best Use of Unexpected Materials

    This beagle couldn't be happier in its unique, indoor shelter made from an old TV set. Upcycling at its finest!

    Anthony Schartner

  9. And now... Our Winner!

    And now... Our Winner!

    This intricate, elaborate doghouse is our hands-down winner of "Best in Show". Dog owner Dan and his girlfriend started building it in 2009 and found they couldn't stop adding on...

    Dan Giordano

  10. Best in Show

    Best in Show

    "It has a dormer, bay window, wall-to-wall carpeting, lighting (solar & electric), front door, pictures on the wall, drapes, flowerbox, awning, mailbox and address plate." What more could a dog need?! 

    Dan Giordano

  11. Best in Show, Cont'd

    Best in Show, Cont'd

    It even has a skylight and a birdhouse. Though Nikki is primarily an inside dog, Dan tells us that she likes to hang in her personal palace whenever people are in the yard. Congratulations to Dan and Nikki, winners of Bob Vila's "Best in Show" Doghouse Contest!

    Dan Giordano

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