Best of Bob's Bloggers: 10 Awesome DIY Projects from the Community

We've gathered together our favorite projects, tips, and tricks from our very own community of bloggers, proving that sometimes you can find just what you need right in your own backyard.

  1. DIY Airplane Stencil

    Stencil airplane2

    Classy Clutter

    If you've come down with a case of boring-dresser-itis, the girls from Classy Clutter have the perfect medicine—a DIY stencil. Get the template for this incredible biplane design right here and prepare for takeoff!

  2. DIY Canned Food Cabinet

    Canned food cabinet

    Classy Clutter

    While pondering what to do with the awkward space between her refrigerator and wall, one of our favorite community bloggers came up with a solution both stylish and functional. This DIY canned food cabinet is one of our most popular posts yet—and it's no wonder why. 

  3. DIY Penny Floor

    Bloggers penny floor

    The House of Bing

    If you can't pave the streets with gold, pennies are an affordable substitute! Armed with adhesive, lacquer, grout, and a collection of pennies, the creative mind at The House of Bing turned a mundane staircase into a glittering copper corrider. Check it out right here.

  4. Grandpa's Paint Secrets



    People who are older than us know more than us, right? I believe it. And when you check out these painting secrets passed down to the blogger at The Craftsman from his grandfather, a professional painter, you'll believe it too. 

  5. How To: Add Trim to Cabinets

    Bloggers trim

    Our Home from Scratch

    If you want to add a little swank to an otherwise spartan cabinet, think about attaching crown molding at the top. The result? Elegance at its best. And don't worry, the DIY maven at Our Home from Scratch talks you through every step of the way.  

  6. DIY Seesaw

    Diy seesaw

    Classy Clutter

    Some of the most playful DIY projects take shape outdoors. Here's a prime—and primary-colored—example! This fun and flashy DIY seesaw dresses up old school fun in a very new school way.

  7. How To: Paint a Distressed Furniture Finish

    Bloggers distressed painting

    Alchemy Fine Living

    Achieving that perfect distressed look, antique but still crisp and clean, is no easy feat. Our resident furniture reviver at Alchemy Fine Living lays out the dos and don'ts of making new look old, and old look...wonderful. Check it out!

  8. DIY Map Wallpaper

    Bloggers map wallpaper

    House of Bing

    Calling all world travelers, we've got the perfect project to satisfy your wanderlust. Maps become wallpaper in this easy DIY. Cover your walls with the streets from your memories—or even the streets from those dream voyages you've been saving up for.

  9. DIY Factory Cart

    Bloggers factory cart

    Blissfully Ever After

    A discarded pallet finds new life as a gorgeous factory cart-cum-coffee table in this inspiring project from Blissfully Ever After. By modeling this piece after one seen in a catalogue, this DIY expert proves that making it yourself pays off in both dollars and panache.

  10. DIY Navajo Rug

    Bloggers navajorug

    The How-To Gal

    Simple, easy, and effective—an apt description of this great project from the ever-popular How-To Gal. With some tape and the paint colors of her choice, she transformed a boring rug into a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Get the full tutorial here

    And don't forget to check out more great ideas from our DIY experts—or submit your own project—over at Bob's Bloggers !

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    It All Started With Paint

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