Bob Vila's 10 July "Must Do" Projects

Whether you plan to spend July relaxing in the backyard, or vacationing away from home, there are some household projects that can't wait. Before you soak up all that summer has to offer, strike some of these to-do's from your list.

Secure the House

Summer Vacation Home Security

Before you pack your bags and leave home in favor of more exotic locales, take some time to secure the house against intruders. Overgrown lawns, overfilled mailboxes, and darkened porch lights are all cues to burglars that your house is unoccupied, and an easy target for home invasion. Stay on the defense by hiring a neighborhood kid to mow the lawn, and contact the post office to stop your mail. To keep the lights on even while you're out, use a light timer, or invest in an app-controlled smart lighting system.

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Bug Off

Remove Bugs from Light Fixtures

There are few summer pastimes as relaxing as enjoying a quiet evening on the porch with friends and family. However, a bug-filled light fixture can quickly kill the mood. Unscrew the glass portion of the fixture (first making sure it is cool to the touch), and rinse out any debris or ill-fated flies, then replace it for a more slightly outdoor set-up.

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Cool Down

Clean the Fridge

Here's a project for a sweltering summer day. Keep cool in front of an open fridge by giving it a thorough cleaning. Remove food, condiments, and fridge liners and wipe down everything with warm water and mild dish soap. Clean crumbs from the gasket, as well as wire racks, crevices, and behind crisper drawers. Finally, wipe condiment jars and cartons to remove sticky spots before returning them to the fridge.

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Clean the Screen

Clean Screened Porch

A screened porch allows you to enjoy the outdoors, minus the bugs. Because they're protected from the elements, a screened porch usually requires less frequent cleaning than an outdoor porch. Still, at this point in the season yours could benefit from a spruce up. Wipe dirt away from window screens and sills, and run a damp microfiber cloth over metal or plastic furniture. Clean upholstered furniture according to manufacturer specifications, and remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners. After that, you might as well enjoy the space by inviting the neighbors over and firing up the grill.

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Just Add Water

Add a Bird Bath

Help backyard wildlife beat the heat this summer by adding a bird bath to your garden. The water will lure songbirds to the yard, bringing a bit of cheer to your outdoor space. Be sure to dump the water regularly to eliminate mosquitoes larvae, and keep it clean and safe for your feathered friends.

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Feed the Flowers

Fertilize Container Plants Twice a Week

Now is the height of the growing season for plants, but they need food to keep them large and lush. Using a liquid fertilizer, feed outdoor container plants twice weekly, avoiding the base of the plant to reduce the risk of burning it. Your garden will reward you with fast growth and beautiful flowers, practically overnight.

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Trim the Trees

Trim Tree Branches

In many regions, summer thunderstorms are rolling in, making tree maintenance imperative. Dead branches can break and fall during storms, damaging roofs, landscaping, and occasionally even downing power lines. Remove dead branches now to steer clear of trouble. While you're at it, remove suckers, those tiny branches sprouting in odd spots along the tree trunk or limbs. Although they may seem harmless, they divert a tree's energy from the higher branches, weakening the plant. 

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The Ground Floor

Improve Basement Flooring

Basements aren't usually renowned for their looks, but that's no reason to keep a truly awful floor. When looking for new flooring materials, there are several options to consider for finished and unfinished basements. Look to ceramic or vinyl tile, but steer clear of laminate or wood, which can swell when exposed to moisture. If you want to keep the existing concrete floor rather than installing new materials, consider covering it with epoxy or paint for a new look.

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Organize the Garage

Clean out garage

The garage is perhaps one of the most neglected rooms in the house, and yet all too often it becomes the dumping grounds for odds and ends. Summer is the most disorderly season for most garages, when sports equipment, lawn and garden tools, and off-season items compete for space. Set aside an afternoon to go through the contents of your garage. Return items to that belong to racks and shelves, and return anything that doesn't to the shed, house, or take it to a donation shop.

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Zillow Digs home in Cave Creek, AZ

Raise the Blade

Raise the Lawn Mower Blade

The golden rule of lawn care is to mow no more than 1/3 off the top of the grass blade. The reason is that to cut more puts undue stress on the plant and makes it susceptible to scorching from the sun. Grass grows faster in the summertime, which means if you're not resetting your mower blade, you're probably chopping way too much off the top. Raise the height of your blade based on the height of the lawn for healthier grass. You may need to adjust it more than once this season to get the best results.

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