Bob Vila's 10 "Must Do" March Projects

Spring will be here soon enough. It's the perfect time to tidy up—both indoors and out—and take stock of your home. Whether you're planning your garden, growing a picture-perfect lawn, or would rather relax in a lounger on the back patio, there's plenty to do. Click through to see the top must do projects for the season.

Tidy the Gutters

How to Clean Gutters

Even if you cleaned the gutters last fall, they could probably use a second cleaning come springtime. Winter storms can blow twigs, leaves, and debris into your gutters that can impede the proper flow of rain away from your house, which in turn leads to flooding. Take precaution now, and save yourself a wet basement next month.

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Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Chances are your family has tracked in all sorts of ice melt, slush, and even mud throughout the winter months. Be sure to give your carpets and rugs a deep spring clean for a fresher start to the season. You can rent a carpet cleaner locally or buy your own machine like this one.

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In the Right Place

How to Organize Your Closet

Spring is the perfect time to reorganize your closets. Donate or sell any winter clothing you didn't wear this year, then pack clean off-season clothes into bags, bins, or boxes—right after you double-check your forecast. (Don't want any surprises.) If your closets need an additional dose of organization, buy or build new shelves, dividers, or install an extra tension rod to double your usable space.

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Green Sweep

Spring Lawn Care

Once the snow has melted and the weather's fine, check your lawn for damage. A patchy lawn can be rescued by removing the dead soil, tilling the soil, and adding compost. Wait for warmer weather to reseed dead patches. Lay off the fertilizer; if you spread it too early, it can aid the growth of cold-season weeds rather than the grass.

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Prep Your Patio Furniture

How to Clean Patio Furniture

Get ready for barbecue weather by rescuing your outdoor furniture. Remove flaking paint and rust from metal furniture using a wire brush and sandpaper, then repaint for a fresh, new look. Clean vinyl cushions of mold or mildew with a mixture of 1/4 cup of Borax and warm water. Now get ready to fire up the grill.

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Zillow Digs home in Scarsdale, NY

Build Your Own Planter

DIY Planters

Consider building a window box or adding a planter for your front porch. Whether you start from scratch or repurpose an old item, making a planter is a great family-friendly activity for spring. Take the simple route by painting a trio of terra cotta planters with chalkboard paint and planting them with herbs for a kitchen windowsill garden.

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Allergy-Proof Your Home

Spring Allergies

Spring allergy season is coming. If that's bad news for your family, take precaution now before tree, flower, and grass pollen reaches its peak. Stop pollen at the door by laying down double door mats—one outside and one inside—and ask guests to remove their shoes as they enter. Also, swap out heavy drapes for lightweight curtains that can be machine washed. Lastly, air filtration is key; invest in a HEPA air filter, or upgrade to a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter attached.

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Check Your Home Exterior

Home Siding

Winter takes quite a toll on your home. Do a walk about, checking the roof for loose shingles, gutters, and siding. Keep an eye out for wood rot, which should be fixed immediately, paying particular attention to windows, doors, and trim. Then go ahead and give your exterior a quick clean with a power washer or hire a window washer to help your home glisten.

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Stage Your Home

Home Staging

With weather warming up, March is a prime season for home-buying and moving. Listing your home? Know that properly staging your home can help you sell the place at a higher price. If your style is too modern or eclectic to appeal broadly to buyers, try stowing your furniture in storage, then borrow neutral pieces from a professional stager until you can close the deal.

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Prepare Your Garden

Garden Prep

It's not too early to start your gardening routine. Trim dead and damaged branches from trees and shrubs. Plant summer-flowering bulbs after the last frost, and ready your garden beds for other early plantings. Then lay down a layer of mulch to retain moisture and prevent weed growth. 

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