Bob Vila's 10 "Must Do" Projects for August

By the time August hits, the end of summer is on the horizon, regretfully, but don't despair—there's still plenty of time left before fall. Make the most of this opportunity to tackle my ten must do's for the month!

  1. Enhance Your Entryway

    House Exterior

    To update the appearance of your home exterior, you need not repaint the entire building or install brand-new siding. Focus instead of applying a fresh coat of paint to the front door. Alternatively, install a pair of wall sconces on either side of the entry. Though doable within only a weekend, these quick, simple projects can keep your house looking great all year long.

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  2. Control Allergies


    The fall allergy season hits many regions in mid-August. That's when ragweed starts making many of us miserable. Take precautions now to minimize discomfort later. To prevent allergens from spreading throughout the house, get in the habit of checking shoes and outerwear at the door. Also, it's important to replace HVAC filters, maximizing your heating and cooling systems' ability to remove allergy-irritating particles from the indoor air.

  3. Put In a Shed

    Garden Shed

    In many regions, the growing season has already begun to wind down, so it's time to figure out where you're going to store outdoor tools and gardening supplies for the winter. Garden sheds are a favorite recommendation, not only because they do the job, but also because the right one can look superb in your landscape. Many easy-DIY kits are available in home centers, building one doesn't require that you have expert carpentry skills.

  4. Re-Cover a Chair

    Reupholstered Chair

    Many of us are holding onto a piece of upholstered furniture that's gotten worse for wear. Rather than purchase a new chair or ottoman, try your hand at reupholstering. It's less complex than you fear. And the best part is that once you get the hang of it, you can find great deals at thrift stores and flea markets, knowing that you can transform any piece whose "bones" you love but whose fabric pattern you hate. 

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  5. School Ready

    Back to School Ideas

    Yes, the school year is fast approaching. Get prepared: One way is to create a backpack station near the door used most frequently. Another is to outfit a common area, such as the kitchen, with a homework chart or work station.

  6. DIY a Birdbath

    Sparrow Bird Bath

    Accent your backyard with a DIY birdbath, being sure to pick a spot that's visible from your house. That way, you can bird-watch while enjoying morning coffee.

  7. Dry Herbs

    Drying Herbs

    August is the best month for home gardeners to begin drying and freezing home-grown herbs for winter storage. Pick your leaves early in the day, before it's too hot. For best flavor, start early in the month. Basil, parsley, and dill do better when stored frozen. Sage, oregano, and mint taste best when air- or oven-dried

  8. Seal the Deck

    Sealing a Deck

    Dry weather is a must when you're sealing a wooden deck, so pick a rain-free weekend to work. Start by thoroughly cleaning the deck, letting the wood dry out completely before you proceed. Next, apply a thin coat of sealant to your boards in order to protect the decking from harsh winter weather.

  9. Weed and Mulch

    Garden Mulch

    Come August, most gardens can use extra mulch cover. Besides inhibiting weeds, mulch helps gardens retain moisture. 

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  10. Update Your Bath Fixtures

    Shower Head

    If your morning routine has started to feel a bit stale during these dog days of summer, think about installing a new shower head. It's an affordable update that's easy to make happen, and its effect on the overall look of your bathroom may be more dramatic than you'd ever expect from such a modest change.

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