Bob Vila's 10 "Must Do" Projects for June

The first day of summer is almost here, and memories of the long, cruel winter have all but left our collective consciousness. Since June is a great month to fire up the BBQ and soak up some rays, make sure your yard is both comfortable and beautiful. Follow proper lawn care, keep pests at bay, and consider adding some budget-friendly summer style to the front porch (deck or patio). If you want easy access to bikes, mowers, and sports equipment, be sure to clean and organize the garage. And, don't neglect the inside of the house! You can easily transform any room with a new color or patterned wallpaper. Check out all this and more in my "must do" projects for June!

Water smart

DIY Rain Barrel

Summer can bring scorching temperatures and scarce rainfall to some regions. Keep your water bills down and still maintain a green lawn by watering smart. Water early, evenly, and only as much as your lawn can efficiently absorb. It's better to give your grass a good soak every three days than a little bit every day. If city ordinances allow, consider a rain barrel. 

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Organize the garage

Garage Storage

If your garage is your go-to storage spot for garden tools, bikes, lawn furniture, or sports equipment then June is a good time to clear the clutter for easy access to summer essentials. Recycle or donate what you don't need, and create a streamlined storage system for the rest. If you're short of square footage, the walls and ceilings offer lots of storage space.

Wallpaper something

Wallpaper something

Wallpaper is a great way to add color and pattern to any room of the house.  It's also a relatively easy DIY project—provided you follow some basic how-to.  Test your skill by covering one wall in a room to serve as an accent. Or, start small by wallpapering the inset panels on a door or cabinet, stair risers, or the back of a bookcase. 

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Plant vegetables

Plant vegetables

Maintaining a large vegetable garden can be overwhelming for a suburban gardener, so start small, picking three or four crops you’d like to grow.  Limited space? Many vegetables, such as beans, tomatoes, basil, spinach, and salad greens grow well in containers.  You'll find 10 easy-to-grow varieties here

Keep pests at bay

Rinse Bird Bath

If pests are ruining your garden, wash plant leaves regularly to dislodge bugs and determine the species at work before you treat it. Mosquitos thrive in standing water—rinse bird baths regularly, cleaning occasionally with diluted vinegar. Take a walk about after a rain storm to eliminate stagnant pools in flower pots or lawn furniture.

Dress up the porch

porch swing

Take some time to refresh your front porch for summer, and improve your home's curb appeal in the bargain. A classic porch swing, an outdoor carpet, planters and hanging baskets—even draperies and a chandelier—can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Best of all, you can easily add style on a budget.

Have a yard sale

Hold a Yard Sale

Clear your home of clutter and make a few bucks in the process by holding a yard sale. A good rule of thumb? If you won't use it again next year, get rid of it. Summer is a great time to hold one if the weather isn't too hot yet. Make sure your prices are on par with other yard sales in your area—mark items too high and no one will buy.

Create some chalkboard flair

Chalkboard Paint Sideboard

A coat of paint will work wonders on an outdated piece of furniture or home accent, and don't overlook the versatility of chalkboard paint. Create a casual sideboard by painting drawers in chalkboard paint to allow for easy labeling (and relabeling) or paint lines of the paint across opaque storage jars to help folks find households essentials with ease.

Add some illumination

DIY Outdoor String Lights

June's warm weather could have you grilling out and dining al fresco more than ever. Prepare your deck or patio with great outdoor lighting. Citronella tiki torches are economical, easy to set up, and can prevent mosquitos. If you prefer a different look, make your own DIY lanterns for festive summer dining.

Build a DIY sandbox

DIY Sandbox

Don't forget a DIY project for the kids this June. Though there are plenty of sandboxes you can buy, why not DIY a sturdy and personalized sandbox for your brood—like this one. Keep neighborhood cats from making themselves at home in your new sandbox by building a lid while you're at it.

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