Bob Vila’s 2019 Laundry Made Better Giveaway

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Fast, well-designed and energy-efficient laundry appliances can take some of the hassle out of daily life. Kenmore’s Elite line of washers and dryers are the perfect antidote to stressful laundry days. Plus, these appliances are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they meet strict energy-efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and are better for the environment—and your energy bills. One winner will receive a Kenmore Elite washing machine, dryer, and two storage pedestals. Below are the elegant, efficient products you can choose from. Want to learn more about how to make laundry day better? Read this helpful post, inspired by ENERGY STAR’s guidelines for achieving energy efficiency at home.

Load & Wash with Ease


Take laundry day to the next level. The Kenmore Elite Smart Front Load Washer with Accela Wash® combines smart technology with a simple, elegant design that anyone can use. Accela Wash® accelerates speed and reduces soak, wash, and rinse time. Thanks to smart sensors, clothes are washed perfectly, according to fabric type, and cycles are completed in record time. For delicates, use Steam Treat, which can handle stains and dirt without harming the integrity of the fabric. The super-fast 1,300 RPM spin cycle sucks the last drops of water from even bulky towels and sheets, cutting down on drying time and energy use.

Two Colors to Choose From


Whichever finish you choose (white or metallic silver), the impressive features of the Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer are the same. Don’t enjoy that funky, old water smell that many washers suffer over time? These Kenmore washers are engineered with an AirFlow™ doorstop, which keeps the door propped open between washes, helping water evaporate, and keeping both your laundry and your machine smelling fresh. Be sure to use the Cold Clean® cycle whenever you can, which cleans and sanitizes laundry just as effectively as warm water, while using less energy.

Dry to Perfection – with Gas or Electric


Kenmore makes two dryers with the same features—one runs on gas, the other on electricity. What’s the difference? Gas-powered dryers can save you additional money, since natural gas typically costs less than electricity. Gas dryers often run hotter than electric dryers, cutting down on drying time and saving money too. However, if your home is not set up for a gas-powered unit, there is a cost for conversion. The benefit of using Kenmore Elite dryers is that you can choose the power source that right for you. Plus these machines are ENERGY STAR certified, which means you will save money and energy, no matter if you use gas or electricity.

Electric Alternative


If you don’t have a gas line in your laundry room, don’t worry. Kenmore has you covered. The Kenmore Elite 81782 dryer is the electric equivalent of the gas-powered models. This Smart Electric Dryer has all the perks you could wish for, and will dry delicates and heavy-duty fabrics without excessive heat thanks to Sensor Dry. The large 7.4 cubic foot capacity can handle large loads, without ruining clothes. Wrinkle Guard prevents creases in the first place by giving clothes a light toss for up to 150 minutes after the dry cycles ends. You can even eliminate ironing (or at least reduce it) with the Steam Refresh setting, which gently smooths out wrinkled fabrics.

Finishes for Every Taste


Both of these Kenmore dryers comes in two finishes (white and metallic silver). Whichever color you choose, expect the same stellar features, including Accela Steam™ technology, which speeds up the drying process; Steam Refresh, which irons out wrinkles; and Sensor Dry, which prevents over- and under-drying. There are 16 customizable cycles, which you can operate via your phone or Alexa, using the Kenmore Smart app. You can relax about germs too: Kenmore Elite dryers are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and will remove up to 99.9% of germs in every cycle.

No More Backache!


The Kenmore 51123 Laundry Pedestal boosts your washer and dryer to the right height for loading and unloading with ease. Never feel the strain of bending too low to load and unload your machines again!

Matching Pedestals


The winner will choose the color (white or metallic silver) that perfectly matches their washer and dryer. This fortunate person will receive two of these laundry pedestals for use in your new, improved laundry room.