Bob Vila's 3rd Annual $5,000 Bathroom Remodel Giveaway with Badeloft

Enter daily for a chance to win a $5,000 bathroom makeover from Badeloft!

  1. Enter now!

    Enter now!

    Bathrooms can be a comfortable, peaceful haven – as long as they are well-designed and easy to clean. With Badeloft, enjoy a lifetime of sensual, beautiful design and functionality, thanks to European craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Here are a few of our favorite Badeloft products....

  2. Time to Dream...

    Time to Dream...

    Taking a bath can transport you to another world – free of stress and distractions. Take time to dream in Badeloft’s thin-walled, freestanding bathtubs. The non-toxic stone resin is lightweight, nonporous, and resistant to damage by humidity. Badeloft tubs, sinks, and countertops won’t flake, scratch, or peel, and provide all the natural beauty and durability of stone. Plus, heat is retained so you won’t waste hot water. A restorative way to bathe.

  3. Classic, with a Twist

    Classic, with a Twist

    Badeloft offers countertop sinks in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including oval and rectangular. All of the company's sinks are made from high-quality stone resin for a refined monochrome look and ultra-durable finish. Faucets are made from high-chrome brass, which resists water stains and smudges.

  4. Tap Control

    Tap Control

    Different faucet styles offer more than just aesthetics—they can improve your washing and bathing experience with different levels of pressure or stream. All of Badeloft’s faucets and tub fillers are designed to repel water marks and stay clean, longer.

  5. It's in the Details

    It's in the Details

    Make each detail thoughtful and beautiful. Badeloft accessories transform your bathroom into a personal spa. Perch your soap, loofah, book or beverage on Badeloft’s tub caddy, and deepen your relaxation with a head or backrest.

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