Bob Vila’s $5,000 Outdoor Heating Give-Away with Infratech

Enter to win $5,000 in premium infrared electric heating from Infratech!

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Subtle and Stylish

If want to enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round, then there’s no sleeker or smarter solution than an Infratech infrared heating system. With a subtle design that blends in seamlessly with your home, these completely customizable units ensure that you can enjoy grilling, entertaining, and relaxing whenever you want—no matter what the season.

Safe and Efficient

Infratech heating systems are much more than a pretty face. Their heated quartz elements emit clean, safe wavelengths of light that transfers heat directly to a person, or solid objects like tables and floors—so you don’t waste any money heating the air around you.

Smart and Sleek

Infratech products are also compatible with a variety of the top-selling smart home systems. An assortment of decorative wall plates, switches and operator interfaces make integration easy, while a range of programming options—including off-site access via your mobile device—ensure you’re always in control.

Comfortable and Customizable

While most competing models require a propane tank, ventilation, and plenty of space for their bulky sizes, Infratech heaters need none of the above. With flush mount, ceiling mount, pole mount, or wall mount installation options, no refillable tanks, and no ventilation required, you can be confident that you’ll receive all the cozy benefits of outdoor heating without having to sacrifice an inch of style.

The Total Package

If you’re the winner of this month’s give-away, the experts at Infratech will work with you to help you put together your perfect package, valuing $5,000 (up to $3,500 in product and $1,500 in installation). Whether you choose the SL-Series Slimline Single Element Heaters, with their sleek designs that virtually disappear into their surroundings; the W-D Series Dual Element Heaters that produce a more concentrated heat and can be mounted up to 14-feet high; or the W-Series Single Element Heaters, which are offered in a variety of sizes and colors, you’ll love how these streamlined systems add an element of elegance and comfort to your home.