Bob Vila's Guide to "$30 and Under" Stocking Stuffers

You don’t have to empty your wallet to fill the holiday stockings with fun and functional gifts.

Stock Up on Stocking Stuffers

Stock Up on Stocking Stuffers

Get shopping inspiration from these budget-friendly and Bob Vila-approved stocking stuffers.

Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer

For the person who is constantly shivering, a thoughtful set of Zippo hand warmers will do more than warm his or her heart. Fill the unit with lighter fluid and slide it into a pocket to stay toasty for up to 12 hours. Virtually odorless, the Zippo will work its magic unnoticed on sleigh rides or ice-scapades. Available on Amazon; $17.51.

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Beard Template and Comb

Beard Comb

No one can maintain a luxurious beard without a little TLC and grooming. This beard shaping template comb works with any razor to create a professional-looking cut, trim, or shave. Available on Amazon; $9.99.

Silicone Cable Ties

Silicone Cable Ties

Keep cord clutter under wraps with these durable, steel-embedded silicone cable ties in an absolutely amusing bright-color design. Organization has never looked so fun! The ties make for easy identification of cables, and can even bend to double as a smartphone stand. Available on Amazon; $10.99 for a package of nine.

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Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

There’s nothing worse than asking for a “cold one” on a hot day, only to receive a lukewarm beer instead. Help your friends (and their beers) chill out by freezing and placing the Chillsner chiller directly into standard beer bottles. Bottoms up! Available on Amazon; $23.98 for a pack of two.

One-Handed Bottle Opener

One-Handed Bottle Opener

A perfect gift for the frequent tailgater or outdoorsman, this ergonomic bottle opener makes it possible to crack open a cold one with just one hand. Thanks to the force of a strong magnet, all you have to do is grip the bottle to pop off the cap. Available on Amazon; $20.00.

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Compact iPhone Tripod

iPhone Tripod

Give the gadget guy or gal on your list the gift of sharing: Using this small-but-mighty tripod that mounts onto an iPhone's Lightning port, it's easy to gather family and friends to watch YouTube clips, flip through photos, and more all on the phone. The adjustable pivot design and no-slip feet are sure to elevate your iPhone to great heights. Available at Amazon; $9.95.

Fire Starter Keychain

Fire Starter Keychain

Casual outdoorsmen and rugged survivalists alike can gear up for winter by sporting this magnesium fire starter keychain while camping, hiking, or simply going on a backyard adventure. Slide the striker against the flint to set alight your tinder and warm up beside the flame. Available at Amazon; $6.57.

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Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug

Photography enthusiasts now have permission to get their camera lenses wet—that is, their lens lookalike mug. Once you get over the doppelganger effect, fill up and grab the no-slip, rubber-grip focus rings to savor coffee or cocoa at slow-shutter speed. Available on Amazon; $16.95.

Makedo Cardboard Starter Toolkit

makedo toolkit

Work Christmas miracles with cardboard when you stuff this starter toolkit from Makedo in a stocking. With its 30 reusable parts, the sky is the limit on the creative contraptions, vehicles, and animals you and your little ones can construct. Available on Amazon; $11.99.

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Fishing Tool

fishing multi tool

Your Secret Santa won’t have to fish for compliments when they this stainless-steel fishing tool on their next angling trip. This multi-use gizmo notably includes thick pliers for cutting fishing lines or splitting rings, as well as knife blade, saw, can opener, and screwdriver. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

Birdscapes Clear Window Bird Feeder

window bird feeder

Perfect for the family bird-watcher, this window-mounted feeder will make it crystal clear that your chirpy neighbors can stay for dinner. The one-cup capacity feeder features a wide back compartment that leaves ample room for the birds to swoop in and out with ease. Available on Amazon; $11.99.

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Appetizer Wine Board

Appetizer Wine Board

Shopping for a do-it-all host or hostess? This rustic appetizer and wine board consolidates two kitchen accoutrements into a convenient and elegant approach to serving snacks and drinks on-the-go. And by pairing easily with any stemmed wine glass, it also frees up a hand for multi-tasking. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

Baggu Reusable Bag

Baggu Bag

This reusable shopping bag is easy to slip into a stocking. Durable and machine-washable, the handy tote by BAGGU holds up to two to three times as much as a regular plastic bag. It neatly folds into a flat pouch, so it can be tucked away while shopping and then pulled open when it's time to pack up the goods. Available on Amazon; $12.

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Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds

With more and more gadgets eliminating the headphone jack, bluetooth headphones seem to be the way of the future. But so many versions come with hefty price tags that are anxiety inducing for anyone who has a habit of dropping or misplacing their buds. This pair gets the same job done as its pricey counterparts but at a much more affordable rate. Available from Target; $24.99.

Steel Straws

Steel Straws

Trying to get your friends and family to be more eco-friendly? Gift them a set of reusable steel straws. It's a tiny step towards eliminating plastic, but it could be the start of a greener lifestyle for them. Available at Target; $7.39.

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Phone Charger

Braided Phone Charger

This might not be the most interesting gift, but it's certainly one of the most useful. Everyone can use an extra charging cable for their phone, whether it's to keep at home, work, the car, or in your bag on the go. The braided cord is more durable than the typical wire and at 10-feet-long it can reach basically anywhere. Available at Target; $27.99.



Know someone who's never seen without their phone? They could probably use a PopSocket. The accessory sticks to the back of any phone or tablet and "pops" out to provide a better grip while holding the device. It also works as a stand when you're watching videos and is a convenient way to wrap your headphone cords so they don't get tangled. Available on Amazon; $9.97.

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Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja

Miss or Mr. Fix-It will appreciate this multi-tool. The Wallet Ninja Pro is a credit-card sized tool that can be used in 26 different ways. From measuring to opening a bottle, you can get a lot done with this slim gadget. Available on Amazon; $10.99.

Simple Modern Tumbler

Simple Modern Tumbler

Any person who's constantly on-the-go could use a travel tumbler. This 20-oz. cup from Simple Modern is ideal whether you're gifting it to a hot latte lover or iced coffee addict since it is double walled, vacuum insulated, and comes with a straw. Available on Amazon; $20.99.

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Waterproof Notebooks

Waterproof Notebooks

This nifty notebook might look ordinary, but they’re anything but. A unique moisture shield makes it possible to write on the paper even if it’s wet. From contractors to coaches, it’s an ideal gift for anyone who has to work outside in the elements. Available on The Grommet; $13.95.

Spread Cheer!

Spread Cheer!

The holidays are about spending time with friends, family, and community. But there's no denying that giving the gift of a thoughtful stocking stuffer helps to spread the spirit of the season. So, here's to happy shopping this month—but more importantly, here's to the stuff that matters even more than finding the perfect present.

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