Bob Vila's Holiday Gift Guide: For DIY Moms

Need a few ideas for the crafty lady in your life? Look no further—we've pulled together holiday gifts any DIY Mom would love.

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  1. Tool Bag

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    Just because she's carrying around tools doesn't mean she can't look good while doing so! For any Ms. Fix-it, a canvas tool bag is a fashionable alternative to the masculine tool box, and Klein is the brand to know, offering an array of well-made canvas bags from 14 inches and up (or even smaller tool clutches!). Home Depot; $56.99 and up

  2. Swiss Army Knife

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    Who said women can't have pocket knives? Any crafty lady can see the value of keeping a knife, scissors, and file on her person at all times, especially if it has a colorful new casing (Swiss Army; $24.00). Or for the mom who always likes to be prepared, choose the Victorinox Swiss Tool, which includes everything from pliers to a bottle opener, and comes with a leather pouch to fit neatly in her purse. Swiss Army; $110.00

  3. Stencils

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    Walls, furniture, floors... we couldn't stop talking about stencils this year! Appropriately priced and all the rage, stencils would make a great gift for any DIYer. Royal Design Studio; $30 and up

  4. A New Staple Gun


    I know what you're going to say: "She already has a staple gun!" But if she bought it during the same decade she had an afro, it may be time for an update. Modern staple guns, like the popular Bostitch T6, have updated the classic design, employing easy squeeze handles to reduce user fatigue and going above and beyond to prevent jams. Amazon; $48.00.

  5. Ball Peen


    She already has a claw hammer, we're sure of it—but what she might not have is a ball peen hammer. Intended for metal work, the ball peen hammer's heavier head is useful in tasks as various as flattening dents and leaf printing. Go for a hickory-handled model, which makes for a lighter tool to hold than the steel alternative. Available in a variety of weights, from 12 ounces up. Sears; $12.99

  6. Book of Ideas


    The Mod Podge bible. Give the gift of inspiration to the the DIY devotee in your life and she'll be decoupaging her dresser and updating her coffee table in no time. Amazon; $9.08

  7. New Glue Gun


    It's almost never too soon for a new hot glue gun. The Surebonder DT-280 has a no-drip tip and can switch between low and high temperature, accommodating crafts with lightweight fabrics as well as heavier-duty materials. Amazon; $10.97

  8. Letterpress Kit


    If she already loves to do it herself, there's a good chance she'll also love to print it herself. With a home Letterpress Kit, Mom can print and personalize anything from business cards to thank-you notes. Daily Grommet; $69.95 and up

  9. Cutting Tools

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    Upgrade her cutting tools with a few ergonomically designed instruments from Slice. From box cutters to letter openers, this collection includes all the sharp tools she'll ever need—and they look cool, too. Daily Grommet; $5 to $10 each (or get the whole kit and caboodle for $54.90)

  10. Vintage Blue Mason Jars


    Fact: Any DIYer worth her salt has an affinity for mason jars. So she'll really be wowed when she unwraps her present of vintage blue mason jars from the 1920s. A crafty upcycler's dream come true. Etsy; $7.95 each

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