Bob Vila's Holiday Gift Guide: For the DIY Dad

Make it a happy holiday for the handyman in your household with our gift guide for the (ruggedly handsome) DIY dad.

  1. Pocket Monkey

    Pocket Monkey

    How can you slip more than 12 different tools into your wallet? With the Pocket Monkey, of course. This multifunction tool boasts a cellphone stand, bottle opener, orange peeler, screwdriver, hex wrench, ruler, letter opener, scraper, and more—and it's just the size of a credit card. At The Daily Grommet; $18.95.

  2. Custom Luggage Tags

    Custom Luggage Tag

    Your dad is a rugged but classy guy—not unlike these personalized leather luggage tags. Sophisticated, masculine, durable, and a little old school, these tags are sure to please the dad who really gets around. At Owen and Fred; $81.

  3. Carhartt Jacket

    Carhartt Jacket

    Keep dad warm outdoors with the Sandstone Active Jac by Carhartt. Built to go the distance on long work days, the 12-ounce, 100 percent cotton sandstone duck jacket features a quilted flannel lining in the body and hood, along with two inside pockets and two deep hand-warmer pockets. At Carhartt; $105.

  4. Lithium Ion Drill

    Lithium Ion Drill

    The days of considering a lithium ion drill to be a luxury are in the past. Given their comparable prices, lighter feel than other cordless drills, and a torque conversion designed for driving screws without stripping them, these small drills have become a must-have for the DIY dad. Shown here: Bosch's PS21-2A 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver. At Amazon; $94.


  5. Sugru


    It may not look like much, but one little clump of Sugru can be the fix-all you've been dreaming of. Made of self-setting rubber that sticks to any material, Sugru can be used for patching holes, making wall hooks, adding grips to tools, creating a watertight seal, and fixing just about anything. At Sugru; $18.

  6. Wood Tie

    Wood Tie

    For the DIY dad with a sense of humor, the Wood Tie is the way to go. Lightweight and made from reclaimed redwood, this tie will garner attention and help your dad make corny jokes at the next family get-together. Available in two sizes—and as a bow tie too! At Wood Thumb; $39.99.

  7. Gorilla Torch

    Gorilla Torch

    If the words "Can you hold the light right there?" still ring in your ears from childhood, then the Gorilla Torch will relieve you of any future responsibility. With flexible, articulated, and magnetic legs, this portable lamp can be mounted pretty much anywhere. Dad can even wrap it around a nearby tree or mount it to the side of a car while he's changing a tire. At LL Bean; $29.95.

    LL Bean

  8. Heavy-Duty Portable Speakers

    Heavy Duty Portable Speakers

    If Dad is going to spend all day in the garage or basement, he'll work more quickly—and happily—with his favorite jams. Whether he goes for Springsteen or Billy Joel, he'll appreciate the Move M, a portable Bluetooth speaker that can fit in the palm of his hand. Made with thick silicone rubber, it can withstand those accidental drops and knocks that might ensue in the workshop. At DijitalFix; $69.99.

  9. Pendleton Camp Blanket

    Pendleton Camp Blanket

    Even the manliest of men need to keep warm. Give your dad America's favorite blanket, the Pendleton Camp Blanket, so he can stay toasty by the fire, just like the early sheepherders of the Pacific Northwest who first made the blanket famous. Did I mention Pendleton blankets are made in the United States? At Pendleton; from $99.50.

  10. Mini HD Folding Binoculars

    Folding Binoculars

    Did your dad ever drag you out of bed to watch a meteor shower and hand you his 30-year-old binoculars that seemed about the size of your head? Hand him these 100 percent water- and fog-proof miniature folding binoculars, equipped with Ultra HD lenses and an antireflective coating that optimizes light. When does Halley's comet come back around? At Amazon; $163.50.


  11. Wallet Pen

    Wallet Pen

    Never again will your father have to worry about his pen exploding in his shirt pocket. The Wallet Pen is a sleek, sterling silver luxury writing instrument handmade in Vermont to fit neatly and discreetly into a wallet. It's simple, elegant, and guaranteed for life. At The Daily Grommet; $75.

  12. Cork Tablet/Laptop Sleeve

    Cork Laptop Sleeve

    The Cork Laptop Sleeve doesn't just look great, it's eco-friendly too. Perfect for the DIY dad who likes to have the newest and most unusual accessories for all his gadgets, this sleeve will certainly bump up his "cool dad" at least "moderately cool." At The Grommet; $39 (for 15-inch laptop sleeve).

  13. Caliper Pen

    Caliper Pen

    Sometimes the DIY dad in your family needs to do a little DIY on the go—enter the caliper pen. This ball-point pen is not only a writing instrument, but also a caliper rule, ruler, thread scale, and tire tread gauge. Can your pen do that? Available at BestMadeCo; $28.

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