Bob Vila's Holiday Gift Guide: Pets

Looking to find gifts for pets, or planning to give pets as gifts? Look no further.

  1. Half Moon Biotope

    Aquarium halfmoonbiotope drsfostersandsmith

    drs. Foster and Smith

    This 8g Nano 180 Half Moon Aquarium features a single pane of glass (not plastic) for optimal viewing. Included are fluorescent lighting, a three-stage filtration system, and a flip-top canopy for easy maintenance. Drs. Foster and Smith; $89.99

  2. Eco-Friendly Doghouse

    Remmer ecofriendlybunkhousedoghouse


    Made from 100% post-consumer products, this Eco-Friendly Bunk House Doghouse will make the neighbor's dog "green" with envy. The structure is moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and includes a vented roof for fresh airflow. Available in three sizes. Remmer; from $169.95

  3. Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

    Wag smartcat peek a prize toyboxforcats

    Appealing to a feline's natural instincts, this Peek-a-Prize Toy Box is the perfect gift for your playful, pouncing kitty. Just hide toys—two are included—and sit back to watch the fun begin!; $20.99

  4. Dog Bone

    Sundance colossalfleecebone dogpetgifts


    If your dog is over bouncy and squeaky toys, give him something he can really sink his teeth into. This polyester-fill Colossal Fleece Bone is machine-washable and safe for dogs of all sizes. Sundance; $18

  5. Modkat Litter Box

    Modko modkat litterbox


    With its top entry, reusable liner, ergonomic scoop and stylish look, the Modkat Litter Box, available in four colors,will complement your modern decor and, most importantly, allow your cat the privacy it needs. Modko; $180

  6. Dometop Bird Cage

    Petsmart prevuepetproducts smalldometopbirdcage


    This Prevue Dometop Bird Cage features a gracefully curved roofline, durable wrought iron construction, and caster wheels at the base. Available in three colors, the cage includes one wood perch, three stainless steel cups, and a rounded-corner seed guard set. Petsmart; $426.99

  7. Hamster Habitat

    Walmart superpetcrittertrail hamsterportablepetitehabitat


    This Portable Petite Habitat is just the right size for small pets like dwarf hamsters, gerbils, and mice. Featuring a "scatter-less" base, and with a roof that's easy to remove for cleaning, the Habitat comes with an exercise wheel, water bottle, and food dish. Walmart; $17.37

  8. Reptile Terrarium

    Leesherphaven rectangular terrarium

    The beauty of Lee's Herp Haven is that it can be used as a reptile carrier, terrarium, or nursery. Available in three sizes, it features a self-locking lid with a hinged view-finding window. Pet Mountain; from $1.99

  9. Field Coat

    Llbean fieldcoatfordogs

    l.l. Bean

    Now your dog can be as fashionable as you with his own Field Coat. Made of 100% cotton canvas with 80-gram polyester insulation and plaid cotton flannel lining, it comes in three sizes and is machine-washable. L.L. Bean ; $29.95

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