Bob Vila's Top 10 Artificial Christmas Trees

If you're in the market for an indoor evergreen this holiday season, take a look at these 10 strong contenders for the best artificial Christmas tree around. They're surprisingly true to life—and likely to be on sale now.

  1. Blue Spruce

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Fake Spruce

    Balsam Hill's Blue Spruce Premium Artificial Christmas Tree is a lush, full-bodied tree built to last. With just over 2,000 tree tips made of PVC and a foliage warranty, it's nearly indestructible—a quality that certainly sets it apart as one of the best artificial Christmas trees available. And in a season where add-ons add up, the included heavy-duty storage bag, fuse switch, and replacement bulbs make it a bargain, too! Available on Amazon; $299 for a 6' pre-lit tree.

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  2. Classic Pine

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Fake Pine

    Christmas classics are hard to beat, and this fake pine tree by Finley Home is a perfect example. With a base broad enough to nestle every present under the tree and high counts for both tips and lights—either clear or multicolor—this bushy beauty is a steal! Available on Hayneedle; $104.99 and up.

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  3. Perfect Pop-Up

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Pop-Up Tree

    The holidays don't have to be a hassle. For no-stress decorating, consider a pop-up tree instead of a traditional Christmas tree. With poinsettia accents and 200 holiday lights as well as ribbons, bows, and ornaments peppering its tall but narrow shape, this artificial Christmas tree is perfect for small spaces—and people who want to avoid the struggle of stuffing the tree back into the box this December. Available from Amazon; $139.99.

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  4. Artfully Accented

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Tree Covered with Pine Cones

    An array of cashmere and bristle branch tips on this 7.5' Carolina Pine Tree from National Tree Company create a straight-from-the-forest feel for the homeowner not interested in felling their own tree. Plus, it arrives already trimmed 750 clear lights—in addition to 70 pinecones and 1,393 branch tips—making it ever more convenient than its freshly cut counterpart. Available from Amazon; $284.41.

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  5. Fully Flocked

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Fake Snow-Covered Pine Tree

    Only dreaming of a white Christmas? Create your own winter wonderland with this frosted, full-size pick from the Sterling Tree Company. Modeled after a pine tree, this pre-lit Christmas miracle measures 7' tall and 84" wide. With more 595 tips, there's plenty of spots to hang ornaments, tinsel, and added garlands. Available on Hayneedle; $500 (currently on sale for $359.98)

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  6. Corner Tree

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Balsam Hill's True Needle™ tips

    This artificial evergreen has 5,768 tips to thank for its lifelike quality, each featuring a precise blend of 70 percent PE True Needle™ tips and 30 percent PVC Classic Needles. The tree comes with a tree stand, storage bags, cotton gloves, extra bulbs and fuses, and an on/off foot pedal for the lights. Plus, rest assured that when you choose to invest in one of the best artificial Christmas trees for your home, it will last for years to come—its 3-Year Limited Light Warranty guarantee it. Available from Amazon; $649.

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  7. Pencil-Thin Pine

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Pencil Tree

    Whether you live in a rental or are tight on space even before the tree, consider a slim corner evergreen instead of a full-sized fake. Available from 5 to 9 feet tall, this sleek Pre-Lit Pencil Tree by Finley Home is a perfect space-saver without sacrificing lush branches trimmed with your choice of clear or multi-colored lights. Available on Hayneedle; $153.82 and up (currently on sale for $65.98 and up).

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  8. Downswept Douglas

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Fake Douglas Fir

    The traditional Douglas fir from the National Tree Company comes in eight light and height combinations—versatility that makes this style the best artificial Christmas tree option for almost any space. Outfitted with clear or multicolor lights, the authentic placement of the tree's emerald green foliage lends both authenticity and opportune placement for ornament display. Available on Amazon; $369.83.

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  9. The Charlie Brown Choice

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Bendable, Needle-less Fir

    This modern mini-tree, modeled after a fir, is just at home on your front lawn as in your living room. Warm white LED bulbs will light up your winter nights with a cozy, hearth-like glow. Bendable, frosted branches won't overpower your favorite ornaments during the season and, when it ends, fold down for easy storage. Available from Amazon; $39.99 and up.

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  10. Snow White

    Best Artificial Christmas Tree - White Christmas Tree

    For a twist on traditional trees, try this 7.5' stunner from the Sterling Tree Company. The sparkling white branches are the perfect backdrop for glistening pre-strung lights. With a classic Christmas tree shape and modern styling, it makes an elegant pick for any living room. Available on Hayneedle; $553.82 (currently on sale for $229.99).

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  11. Faux Fir

    best fake christmas trees

    Fake can be fabulous.

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