Bold and Beautiful: 10 Fall-Blooming Flowers

Bright colors and big blooms don't end in summer. In fact, nothing says fall quite like these 10 ubiquitous autumn blossoms.

  1. Osteospermum


    Osteospermum, or African daisy, comes in truly unique color combinations, including varieties with bright blue centers or deep purple petals. They put on a grand show from spring through fall and are perennial in the Deep South. They favor full sun to part shade, so give them a bright spot, and you’ll be treated to color all season long.

  2. Turtlehead Chelone

    Turtlehead Chelone

    The Turtlehead chelone, so named because its flowers are shaped like the head of a snapping turtle, blooms from late summer through fall. A perennial flower, chelone grows quickly and will come back each year to form a dense colony of two-foot-tall blooming stems. It needs moisture, so be sure to water it regularly if it is not planted in at least partial shade.

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  3. Strawflower


    Strawflower is a long-lasting annual that will give your garden color from summer all the way to frost. It’s easy to grow and comes in myriad colors. Strawflowers dry beautifully right on the stem, so you can enjoy them in arrangements, wreaths, or potpourri long after the plants are gone.

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  4. Autumn Crocus

    Autumn Crocus

    Autumn crocus, with its two- to three-week September show of colorful clustered flowers, is only vaguely related to its spring cousin. It’s actually a member of the lily family and has larger blooms than the spring-flowering crocus. Corms (similar to bulbs) need to be planted earlier than most bulbs but can be mail-ordered in mid to late summer. They are poisonous to pets, so be mindful of where you plant them.

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  5. Yuletide Camellia

    Yuletide Camellia

    The yuletide camellia’s red blossoms will not only perk up your garden come autumn, but they will continue to cheer you straight through winter. Its fiery bright blossoms are a beautiful contrast to its dark, glossy evergreen foliage, and it makes an excellent hedge or border shrub. You can even bring cut flowers indoors to chase away those dreaded winter doldrums.

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  6. Toad Lily

    Toad Lily

    The toad lily has tiny but abundant flowers and begins to bloom just as all the summer flowers are fading. Speckled like their amphibian namesake, they are both unusual and beautiful. Happiest in a shade garden, toad lilies can tolerate part sun if they are adequately watered. They can make a big statement in September and October, so plant them where they can be easily seen and admired.

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  7. Chrysanthemum

    Fall Mums

    Found in pots nearly everywhere starting Labor Day, chrysanthemums bring a welcome shock of color to the cooler autumn months. They are perennial, but they need several weeks prior to frost to become established. So if you want to enjoy that colorful fall profusion every year, plant a “hardy mum” cultivar in the spring. 

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  8. ‘Rosy Glow’ Sedum

    ‘Rosy Glow’ Sedum

    Sedum, a succulent-leaved perennial, has many varieties that bloom in fall—including the stunning 'Rosy Glow', which blooms with ruby-red flowers all season. Drought tolerant and easy to care for, sedum is often found in rock gardens. It is a favorite of butterflies, as well. Plant it as a border or mix it with ornamental grasses for a lush contrast.

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  9. Small Globe Thistle

    Small Globe Thistle

    The small globe thistle will begin blooming mid-summer with bright blue ball-shaped flowers and continue right into October or November. Its unusual flower is a dramatic contrast to its grayish-green foliage. Like strawflowers, small globe thistle makes an excellent cut flower and dries well; it will stay pretty in a vase for several weeks.

  10. 'Black Knight' Butterfly Bush

    Butterfly Bush

    'Black Knight' butterfly bush will certainly add interest to your fall landscape. It blooms with deep purple to almost black flowers from summer through frost and is a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds. Reaching heights of eight feet or more, it will make a definite impact.

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