Buy or DIY: 10 Room Dividers to Remake Your Space

Practical, flexible, and customizable, the room divider is one of the unsung heroes of the home design toolkit. An attractive version can add textural interest to a bland space, define living and sleeping zones in an open loft home, or disguise a cluttered corner in any room. Want to divide and conquer your space? Check out these inventive, wallet-friendly room divider ideas to DIY or buy.

By Debra Immergut | Updated Nov 15, 2016 12:39 PM

Screen Dream

Screen Room Divider Ideas

Looking for room divider ideas you can take to go? The caster wheels on this light and airy divider make it easy to move, and the gorgeous geometric panels are bordered with plain frames. The same effect could be achieved with pegboard, cane seating, or loosely woven fabric. 

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Inside Story

Bookshelf Room Divider Ideas

For an ultraeasy partition that packs plenty of storage, consider an open-backed bookcase. Look for a tall, wide model that’s finished on both sides, like this sleek design. Then style it with your favorite books and collectibles. The open space will make the two areas in your room feel separate without adding extra clutter. Available on Amazon; $499.00.

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Pallet Panels

Pallet Room Divider Ideas

Wood pallets can be scored on the cheap from home-supply stores or local flea markets. Stand pallets upright and secure them together with hinges. Angle the two panels so they stand securely, and you’ve got a rustic, easy-to-move divider that doubles as a gallery for small artwork.

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Curtain Call

Tension Rod Room Divider Ideas

Urban dwellers often need to get creative when it comes to making the most of their space, and that includes searching through room divider ideas to find something that works in small spaces. This DIY tension-rod partition offers a budget-friendly, customized fix. Just hang a curtain on a tension rod to segment a loft space into different zones or turn one bedroom into two without damaging walls or ceilings. As a bonus, the curtain will add warmth and style to your space, and you'll be able to open and close it whenever you want more or less privacy. Available on Etsy; $132.95.

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'70s Style

Macrame Curtain Room Divider Ideas

To screen a utilitarian closet but still maintain easy access, this homeowner crafted a retro-chic macramé curtain from knotted lengths of white rope. She hung it with curtain hardware and wrapped the ends with white tape to keep them from fraying over time.

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Practical Style

Screen Room Divider Ideas

To add a quick dose of chic style, try room divider ideas that riff on industrial style. The quatrefoil design adds a trendy touch, and the three iron panels offer a sturdy, flexible solution for defining a space or for keeping a less-than-attractive corner out of sight. Available at; $129.98.

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Fiber Optics

Rope Room Divider Ideas

Rope dividers are taken to the next level in this ingenious office space. Lengths of jute are strung through holes in wooden anchors and pulled taut to become semiopaque walls. The anchors are actually long, narrow boxes; their hollow interiors neatly hide the knotted ends of the rope.

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Clothes Call

DIY Clothes Rack

Room divider ideas don't often leave extra space for storage—unless you try this clever hack! A simple chest of drawers nestles under a hanging rod to create the ultimate multitasking divider. Ideal for an open-plan apartment that’s short on closet space, this clever pairing from Ikea provides fashionable, affordable privacy. Available at IKEA; $5.99.

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Under Pressure

Storage Wall Room Divider Ideas

Need to partition a rental space without drilling holes in the walls or ceilings? Room divider ideas for renters are hard to come by, but compression pipes are one great option to try. They're designed to fit tightly between the ceiling and floor without the need for anchor bolts or screws. Here, they provide support for inexpensive shelves made from stained and distressed pine boards, creating a complete storage wall as well as a room divider.

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Slatted for Success

Wooden Room Divider Ideas

A pair of slatted Ikea headboards, mounted one atop the other, are transformed into a textured divider with adjustable built-in display shelves. It's the perfect pick if you're looking for room divider ideas but want to stick to a tight budget. Sturdy wood poles extending from ceiling to floor provide support on the back side.

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Room Divider Ideas

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