Buy or DIY: 7 Hanging Planters for the Great Indoors

What brings more life and texture to a wall than any piece of art? A thing of natural beauty: the hanging planter. There are oodles of design ideas incorporating plants that will prettify any room in your home. You have lots to choose from, whether you are a newbie to keeping plants, or have a bona fide green thumb. When considering a planter, just keep a few ideas and considerations in mind.

Be sure your planter will have the proper support. Once you add soil and a plant to the structure, it could be quite heavy. Secure hangers into studs, or use anchors that are rated appropriately for the weight of your planter. Like any other potted plant, those in your hanging planters will need good drainage. This can be tricky when planters are indoors. You don’t want to damage your floors with water. Make sure you have a drip pan attached that’s big enough to accommodate draining water. Or, in the absence of a drip pan, pot your plant in a separate liner with drainage holes, and then set that into your planter. In some cases, the best idea is to take the plant down and set it in the sink or outside for its regular watering routine, hanging it back once it has drained.

Whether you prefer flowers or philodendron, there’s a multitude of planter designs to string up and suit any budget or style. Click through to check out our favorite ideas for planters that you can buy or DIY.

Dream Weaver

Woven Planter

Brighten any indoor corner with a burst of life sitting potted in a woven rope fixture. Its detail is sure to wow house guests—"Did you make that?!"—but lucky for you, this crafted look can be scooped up in an online shopping carts in seconds. Available at Urban Outfitters; $29.

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A Color Touchup

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Elevate a simple terra cotta pot using some square knots in garden variety rope from the hardware store. Then, take your macrame work to the next level by adding a little fabric dye. Just dip the bottom of the netted rope in your favorite neon colors and let them dry before hanging.

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Petal to the Metal

Steel Planters

Not all hanging gardens need to be woven. Skew more industrial-chic by stringing up cylindrical planters made from repurposed steel when you purchase a planter from an Arizona artisan. Available at Shoppe by ScoutMob; $64.

All Strung Up

DIY Wood Planter

The earthy tones of unfinished wood compliment any plant life, as seen here in the stacked ring setup seen on the German blog Ohhh Mhhh. Simply string twine around one large ring, glue together with three others in a stack, and you'll have a sweet little swing to sit any existing clay pot. You can even add stripes of color within the stack to tie in your room's palette.

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Creatures of Habit

Ceramic Hanging Planter

Why grow air plants when you can care for the smallest of sea creatures? Turn leafy greens into the tiny tentacles of an octopus, jellyfish, or squid by purchasing a playful ceramic creation from Etsy seller CindySearles. Available on Etsy; $22.

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Off the Hook

Mason Jar Garden

For easiest install, hang up your miniature terrarium from a removable adhesive hook. Mason jars and twine are all you need to set them up in minutes! Simply wrap your string around the top of the jar, creating a long loop at the end. Drop in some air plants or other diminutive greenery before hanging.

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Bold and Brassy


For less than $30, you can create this very unique planter. A mini tube cutter, brass tubes, wire and micro suede cord are all you need—all available through Darby Smart. Follow the crafty shop's instructions, and your plants will be hanging pretty, fast. Available on Darby Smart; $28.

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