CANstruction: A Can-Do Design Competition

Highlights from the 19th-annual Canstruction Competition, hosted in New York City.

  1. CANstruction

    Canstruction city harvest bob vila20111123 36322 vgbifh 0
    Annabel Willis

    A nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1993, Canstruction currently sponsors competitions in more than 100 cities across America and abroad. Since its inception, the group has donated more than 10 million cans of food to organizations working to fight hunger.

  2. CANgry Birds

    Canstruction cangry birds desimone consulting engineers bob vila20111123 36322 10057rg 0
    Annabel Willis

    CANgry Birds—a shout out to the wildly popular video game—was built by DeSimone Consulting Engineers.

  3. Lobster Claw Bootie

    Canstruction lady gaga lobster claw bootie alexander mcqueen arup bob vila20111123 36322 99lfux 0
    Annabel Willis

    The five-member team from design firm Arup 'reCANstructed' the Alexander McQueen Lobster Claw bootie made famous by Lady Gaga.

  4. Clock Tower

    Canstruction clock time to end hunger langan engineering   john fotiadis architect bob vila20111123 36322 1jkpc8t 0
    Annabel Willis

    It took 1,950 cans of tuna, salsa, tomato sauce, and breadcrumbs to build "Time to End Hunger," by Langan Engineering and John Fotiadis Architect.

  5. Brooklyn Bridge

    Cansturction brooklyn bridge skanska usa bob vila20111123 36322 1e28ty2 0
    Annabel Willis

    "Suspending Hunger," a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge built by the engineering firm Skanska USA, won the prize for Best Structural Ingenuity at the 19th-annual Canstruction competition.

  6. Seahorse

    Canstruction seahorse gilsanz murray steficek bob vila20111123 36322 1d8yod2 0
    Annabel Willis

    Structural engineers from Gilsanz Murray Steficek used 2,150 tins of tuna to create their whimsical seahorse, which won an honorable mention.

  7. CANtanic

    Canstruction titanic robert silman bob vila20111123 36322 11akfaw 0
    Annabel Willis

    "The Titanic reminds us that nothing is unsinkable," global hunger included, said the team of engineers from Robert Silman Associates.

  8. Giving Hunger the Boot

    Canstruction giving hunger the boot gace consulting bob vila20111123 36322 sm9u4 0
    Annabel Willis

    With the 4,300 cans of food GACE Consulting Engineers used to build "Giving Hunger the Boot," City Harvest can feed 1,800 hungry New Yorkers.

  9. CANfreighter

    Canstruction freighter cantainership halcrow bob vila20111123 36322 165o4ol 0
    Annabel Willis

    More than 1,725 cans were used to create The CANtainership, built by the New York City design company Halcrow, Inc.

  10. Loaded Dice

    Canstruction loaded dice gensler wsp flack kurtz annabelwillis bob vila20111123 36322 iioyxg 0
    Annabel Willis

    "Loaded Dice," by the engineering firm Gensler and WSP Flack + Kurtz, was the Jurors' Favorite in the 19th-annual CANstruction event in New York City.

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