Chick Magnets: 15 Irresistible DIY Chicken Coops

As the popularity of raising poultry in the backyard burgeons, so too does the variety and quality of designs in DIY chicken coops.

  1. Converted Car Coop

    Converted Car Chicken Coop

    A do-it-yourselfer in the United Kingdom converted a vintage Morris Traveller into a chicken coop for a small group of hens. After gutting the car, its body was halved and the sliding windows reversed so that eggs can be collected.

  2. Mobile Home

    Elevated Chicken Coop

    This elevated coop-on-stilts, constructed of reclaimed wood, resembles a travel trailer from the 1970s. Compact in design, it can be easily moved around the yard, always leaving the chickens with fresh ground for scratching.


  3. Robin's Egg Blue

    Cottage Chicken Coop

    Reminiscent of a country cottage, this cheerful coop includes several easy-maintenance features—a chicken run tall enough for a caretaker to stand up in, as well as extended eaves to keep its Seattle, WA, builders out of the rain.

  4. A-Okay

    A-Frame Chicken Coop

    An A-frame coop is one of the simplest to build. After constructing the low-slung, triangular frame, cover one half in wire mesh to make the chicken run, then clad the other half to form the weatherproof shelter. .au

  5. Room to Grow

    Planter Chicken Coop

    If a coop would occupy too much green space in your yard, why not build one with an integrated planter? The rooftop soil bed here is perfect for an herb garden, while the roomy interior would accommodate as many as four birds.

  6. Pallet Palace

    Pallet Chicken Coop

    This large chicken coop was built using the boards from discarded and deconstructed shipping pallets. Since pallets can so often be found for free, you would not need to spend a fortune to build a setup like this one.

  7. Barnyards for Bantams

    Barn Chicken Coop

    Though it may resemble a farmyard barn, this pristine black-and-white coop in Washington State includes such refinements as electrical wiring, insulation, and vinyl flooring.

  8. Stoop Coop

    Chicken Coop Staircase

    Not every yard is large enough for a large portion to be dedicated to raising chickens. This clever design combines a coop with stairs to form a multifunctional structure fit for properties of virtually any shape or size.

  9. Modern Living

    Modern Chicken Coop

    A Portland, OR-based architect made this gray-clad modern coop for his own backyard. The cube-shaped design is topped with a planter, and the decorative white doors are practical, too—they allow easy access to eggs.

  10. Bottoms Up!

    Reclaimed Wood Coop

    Not all coops are made from traditional materials. A North Carolina farmer used salvaged wood and tin to build the structure for this unique chicken coop, the shelter of which boasts crushed beer cans as shingles.

  11. Split Level

    Split Level Hen House

    Give your hens two stories to occupy. This space saving coop plan has nesting boxes above a fenced in yard area. The second story also creates room for a platform perfect for growing herbs or other small plants.

  12. Fantasy Hen House

    Colorful Coop

    This brightly colored coop brings a sense of fun to the backyard. Putting part of the chicken run under the structure not only allows for good air circulation, but also gives the birds a place to get out of the weather. Just don’t mistake it for the kids’ play house!

  13. Ready to Roll

    Mobile Chicken Coop

    You can order the plans for this mobile chicken coop, or have a kit delivered, ready to assemble. It’s designed to be moved in and around your property, letting your chickens do the work of bug and pest control, while enriching your soil organically at the same time.

  14. Repurposed Play House

    Play House Chicken Coop

    How many plastic playhouses end up in the landfill? You can make it one less by repurposing a playhouse the kids have outgrown into a coop for a flock of chickens. With a few modifications, like adding hard plastic to winterize the windows, you’ll be offering deluxe fowl accommodations in no time.

  15. Chicken Chalet

    Chalet Chicken Coop

    This beautiful chalet-styled chicken coop was built completely from scratch. Its chicken run, with a corrugated tin roof, is attached to the side. A rain barrel is incorporated into the design, which makes the cleaning maintenance easy and eco-friendly. This hen house has such great curb appeal, it’s a shame to keep it in the backyard.

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