Doorknobs of Distinction: 12 Stunning Styles for Interior Doors

While the doorknob may not be the first thing visitors notice about a house, it is often the first thing they touch—so make sure yours is memorable. A doorknob that makes an impact, whether through sight or touch, demonstrates that you’ve paid attention to every last detail in your home—inside and out. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, from the unexpected to the timeless to the left of center. One of these just might be perfect for your door.


Painting Door Knobs

You can go all out with this look if you pair a painted knob with a colorful door and brightly hued house—think of the vibrant multicolored homes found in the French Quarter of New Orleans. For a more measured effect, a painted knob can give a touch of the unexpected to an otherwise subdued exterior.

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Although brass doorknobs are commonplace, this beehive design ups the style factor considerably. The well-defined reeding and antiqued finish make this knob the perfect accent for traditional and transitional homes. 

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Willow & Stone


Vintage Door Knob

Let your doorknob send a message to your guests—literally. Whether you choose a page from your favorite book, a vintage advertisement, or a personalized message, a decoupaged doorknob conveys something about you before your guests even set foot in your home.



Glass crystal doorknobs, common from the 1920s through the early '50s, can still be found in abundance today—both new and salvaged. Don't let the brilliance of the clear crystal blind you to the many joys of the colored variations available.

Decorative Glass

Glass Door Knob

A decorative glass element that isn’t at risk of being knocked over? Sign us up. With designs that range from antique to modern, glass knobs can complement many styles of interiors—including yours!


Wooden Door Knobs

A wood doorknob has the advantage of growing smoother to the touch with age. Pick a wood that matches your home’s exterior or one that contrasts with your door to make it pop. Be sure the wood’s been finely sanded before use to prevent unwanted splinters.

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Nautical Decor Ideas

This rope doorknob is perfect for a lake or beach house. Nautical rope can withstand the elements for a long time but may need to be replaced after a particularly wet winter or spring.

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Kids Room Ideas

If you have children, they’ll get a kick out of this whimsical doorknob, straight from Alice in Wonderland, that looks like it's about to jump off the door and come inside with you. The brass finish keeps it from being too over the top, so it should still be appealing long after your kids have outgrown it.

Vintage Metal

Metal Door Knobs

These classic—and weighty—doorknobs have an aged patina that looks great and feels good in your hand. Many vintage and antiques shops have an array of them in stock for you to select from. Polish the knob to give it a little shine or leave it as is.

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Need a Hand?

Cool Door Knob

Need a hand opening the door? This option may be a little creepy, but it is completely unique and unforgettable. If there was ever a seasonal doorknob, this might be it—it was practically made for Halloween!


Animal Door Knobs

Perfect for a backdoor that leads to a garden or wooded area, these playful doorknobs come in a variety of animal designs so you (or your kids) can choose your favorite.

Polka Dot Ceramic

Ceramic Door Knobs

Bring a touch of whimsy to your door with a polka dot ceramic knob. The dark spotted pattern allows this knob to work well with a modern exterior and displays just the right mix of class and playfulness.

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