Dream Dishwasher

  1. Enter NOW to Win!

    Enter NOW to Win!

    Starting today and every day through Monday, December 2nd (11:59 a.m., ET) you can enter to win the 800 Plus Dishwasher from Bosch ($1,999 MSRP), the quietest dishwasher brand in North America.

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  2. Shhhhh.


    At 38 dBA, the quietest dishwasher in North America (in normal operation) incorporates 18 unique sound-reduction technologies. Run it any time, day or night!


  3. Sleek


    The redesigned dishwasher line incorporates a full-size stainless steel tub, enabling the use of larger racks for enhanced loading ability while still maintaining flush installation capabilities, achieving a sleek, modern European look.


  4. Third Rack

    Third Rack

    A flexible third rack adds thirty percent more loading area, with alternating folding tines and adjustable wings for even more convenience when loading, while freeing up space in lower racks. And a TFT Display allows you to check cycle status in high definition color and receive maintenance information.


  5. Clear Water

    Clear Water

    The ultra-conscious water softener reduces the chance of lime deposits and improves washing results. The 24/7 AquaStop precisely engineered tub and sensor system provides round the clock leak protection. 

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