From the Community: 10 Great DIY Projects From Bob's Bloggers

We've gathered together some of our favorite new and easy DIY projects—ranging from dinosaur planters to potato stamps—courtesy of our community of bloggers.

  1. DIY Dinosaur Succulent Planter

    DIY Planter

    Drill a few holes into the top of a plastic toy dino, then use a knife to cut between the holes to form one large opening in which you can plant your succulents. Make sure you clean out the plastic shavings before you fill your dinosaur with potting soil and turn it into a planter!

    The How-To Gal

  2. DIY Fire Pit

    DIY Fire Pit

    Making your own fire pit is far easier than you'd ever guess. Simply arrange retaining wall stones in a circular pattern, fixing them with construction glue. Make sure the base and surrounding area is covered with gravel for fire safety, and then you're only a few marshmallows away from a delicious, homemade s'more.

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    Julie Loves Home

  3. DIY Chalkboard Door

    DIY Chalkboard Door

    After taping off a portion of your door, paint it with colored chalkboard paint, and you've suddenly made drawing on the walls not only allowed, but encouraged!

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    no. 29 Design

  4. DIY Cork Planter

    DIY Cork Planter

    Step 1: Drink a lot of wine. Repeat as needed. Step 2: Using a steak knife, carve out the core of your wine corks. Step 3: Glue a magnet on the side of each cork. Step 4: Fill with soil and mini succulents. Step 5: Attach to a metal surface and enjoy!

    It All Started With Paint

  5. Repurposed Fire Pit

    Repurposed Firepit

    Turn an unused metal fire pit into a beautiful planter using nothing but a little spray paint and the flowers of your choice! Who knew DIY was this easy?

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    Top This Top That

  6. DIY Potato Stamps

    DIY Potato Stamps

    The easiest DIY project of them all! With a sharp knife, cut a shape of your choosing into the the flat side of a halved potato. Then dip your design in paint, and stamp away to your heart's content!

    poppy haus

  7. DIY Leaf Light

    DIY Lighting

    Spray metallic paint—or any color of your choice—on a collection of leaves, and then glue them to a rice paper lantern. Hang your creation, and you'll have a little piece of fall decor that works all year-round. 

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    poppy haus

  8. DIY Chalk Paint Makeover

    DIY Furniture Makeover

    A coat of chalk paint, named for its chalky appearance when it has dried, is a great way to give new life to antique furniture. For a mildly distressed look, sand the new paint job slightly with fine-grit sandpaper. 

    Classy Clutter

  9. DIY Clock

    DIY Clock

    Use four screws to mark the four corners of a rectangle in the center of a painted piece of plywood. Wrap cut pieces of wire coat hanger around the screws to form the sides of the rectangle. Then wrap pieces of twine around the wire to form the Roman numerals of the clock, securing each piece of tied-off twine at the edge of the board with a nail. Finally, add a clock mechanism in the back, and you're done. An easy, DIY clock for any room.

    DIO Home Improvements

  10. DIY Roman Shade

    DIY Roman Shade

    You can make a no-sew Roman shade by enlisting the help of an old set of blinds! Remove most of the slats, then reposition them so that they're evenly spaced along the shade. Glue your fabric around the top, bottom, and middle sections. Then go ahead...lower the shades and take a nap. You deserve it.

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    Blissfully Ever After

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