Garden in Comfort with These 10 Ergonomic Tools

Gardening can sometimes leave you feeling achy and sore. But don’t despair, because there are many ergonomic gardening tools available to help take the pain out of planting.

  1. FELCO Ergonomic Pruner with Rotating Handle

    Ergonomic Pruner

    Trim and shape your plants to perfection with the FELCO 10 Ergonomic Pruner. Featuring a forged aluminum rotating handle with non-slip plastic grips, the pruner allows fingers to move naturally, thereby reducing hand fatigue and blisters—and requires up to 30% less effort than conventional models. At BestNest, $79.99

  2. Radius Garden Natural Radius Grip Weeder

    Ergonomic Weeder

    The Radius Weeder highlights a natural grip handle designed to provide more leverage with less wrist stress. The weeder, which measures 2-3/4" x 14-3/4" inches, features an aluminum/magnesium blade with sharp tip and edges to make weeding a breeze. The tool is designed to be both lightweight and strong. At Amazon; $9.97

  3. Garden Kneeler

    Garden Kneeler

    This comfy padded Garden Kneeler does it all: pampers achy knees, helps ease back stress, and even flips over to become a padded bench. The kneeler is designed so that you use your arm strength to lower and raise yourself, reducing strain on your knees and back.  It weighs just eight pounds and comes in green or purple. At Walmart; $39.00

  4. Bionic Extended Wear Gardening Gloves

    Best Gardening Gloves

    These high-tech Bionic Gardening Gloves were designed by a hand surgeon to improve comfort without interfering with hand motion. They are constructed of a Composite Tough-Ex material that is 200% more durable than standard glove leather, according to the company’s lab testing. At; $29.99

  5. Extend A Hand Gardening Tool Set

    Extended Gardening Tools

    The Extend A Hand Detachable Ergonomic Gardening Tool Set includes four hand garden tools that fit into an ergonomic holder that lets you use your arm and shoulder to dig instead of your wrist. The detachable kit includes a trowel, three-prong rake, hoe and a saw; each fits snugly into the holder and is secured with a 12-inch adjustable strap. At Amazon; $13.75

  6. HER Shovel

    Best Shovel for Women

    Constructed of 14-gauge tempered recycled steel with an ash shaft, this HERShovel-spade hybrid is ergonomically designed to provide the optimum fit and convenience for women. The D-grip handle offers multiple options for hand placement and keeps wrists in neutral position; the enlarged step makes the most of women’s lower-body strength. At Green Heron Tools; $64.99

  7. Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Set

    Long Reach Garden Tools

    These lightweight, stainless steel Peta Easi-Grip gardening tools are ideal for people who have difficulty reaching or bending. The soft, PVC vinyl grips are non-slip and set at a right angle, keeping the hand in a natural position to prevent wrist strain. The set includes a 31" long reach hoe; 32" cultivator; 34" trowel; and 32" fork.  At; $134.99

  8. Handy Garden Caddy Tractor Seat on Wheels

    Garden Caddy

    Sit comfortably on this four-wheeled Handy Garden Caddy for jobs that usually require stooping or squatting.  For freedom of movement, the contoured old-fashioned, tractor-style seat features a 360° swivel. A handy tool shelf keeps supplies within easy reach. At Brookstone; $149.99

  9. Telescoping Tool Set

    Telescoping Garden Tools

    Twist-off attachments fit securely into a 25-to-41 inch telescoping handle that makes it easy to reach the ground or raised garden beds. The 3¼ inch soil rake and 5-inch fan rake are ideal for closely planted beds, while the crack weeder helps keep walkways clean and free of pesky weeds; the trowel keeps the dirt on the ground and not on you. At Ice Monkey; $16.99

  10. Ergonomic Bulb Planter

    Ergonomic Planter

    The Ergonomic Bulb Planter is super light—weighing just 8-1/2 ounces—but super strong, with a durable thermoplastic handle and aluminum/magnesium alloy blade. The grip is designed to match the curve in the palm of your hand, and the radius grip maximizes the gardener's power and comfort while minimizing stress. At The Growers Exchange; $16.95

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