How To: Make a Children's Building Block Wreath

Transform a regular evergreen wreath by decorating its boughs with children's building blocks.

  1. Children's Building Block Wreath

    Building block final

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Children will love this holiday wreath adorned with wooden blocks that spell out the season's greeting—Merry Christmas. Best of all, it's a project you can do yourself by purchasing a standard evergreen wreath and a couple of supplies, and following some easy-to-follow steps.

  2. Tools and Materials

    Materials blocks

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    For this project you will need a basic evergreen wreath, children's building blocks, glitter, glue, a glue gun, holly, red ribbon, wire snip, and 18-gauge floral wire (available at craft and hobby stores and most home and garden centers).

  3. Adding Glitter Outlines to Blocks

    Nesposito childrens blocks wreath how to gitter bob vila

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    The first step to this project is adding glitter to the blocks.  Using a tube of liquid glue (Elmer's works just fine), create a fine bead of glue outlining the letter and borders and sprinkle with glitter. Put aside and allow glue to dry and set.

  4. Creating Holly Bunches

    Wire bunches

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Create clusters of holly sprigs by wiring two to three together. Use the 18-gauge floral wire to secure branches together and then cut the twig bases to about 6 inches.

  5. Adding the Holly to the Wreath

    Tuck holly in wreath

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Once you've made several holly sprig clusters, start tucking them into the wreath form. Keep in mind that the placement of the holly will need to accommodate the blocks spelling out "merry" and "Christmas" top and bottom.

  6. Glue Blocks to Wreath

    Glue block

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Arrange the blocks above and below the wreath to spell out "merry" and "Christmas" and use their position as a guide to where they will appear on the wreath. Using a glue gun, apply a trigger shot to the back of the block (the non-glittered side). Press the block into place and hold for a couple seconds. Make certain the block is secured. 

  7. Create a Hanging Bow

    Hanging bow

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    Fashion a red ribbon bow and secure it to the top of the wreath.  Make it long enough to hang the wreath on a door, in front of a window, above the mantel, or any place where you want some holiday cheer.

  8. The Finished Wreath

    Building block final

    Nicole Esposito Polly

    We told you this would be an easy transformation, so take pride in knowing that this is something you made yourself. If you are looking for other ways to decorate a standard evergreen wreath, consider our tutorials on making a pinecone wreath or one adorned with vintage ornaments.  

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