How To: Store Holiday Decorations

When it's time to take down the tinsel, lights, ornaments, and garlands, these DIY solutions will keep the holidays from taking over your home during the rest of the year.

  1. Stow String Lights

    How to Store Christmas Lights

    Face it, you’re never going to get those strands back in the box they came in — so save those shipping boxes and make your own storage panels. Just cut a slot on either side of a piece of cardboard, stick the plug in one, wrap the lights around the center, and secure the end in the opposite slot. This approach also works for garlands, beads, and other long, tangle-prone decorations.

  2. Wrap Up Wreaths and Garlands

    How to Store Wreaths

    Insert the wreath into a heavy-duty garbage bag, then store by hanging on a wall in a garage or basement (or even under the stairs). Your wreath or garland won’t get crushed, and you’re free from having to spend money on a unitasker!

  3. Stash Wrapping Paper and Supplies

    How to Store Wrapping Paper

    Store wrapping paper rolls in that unused space at the top of a closet—up by the ceiling! Learn how to create this smart storage solution using only anchors, screws, and some galvanized wire. You can keep ribbon smash-free in the closet, too, by using a tie hanger. via frankfarm

  4. Nestle Ornaments

    Egg Carton Storage

    Don't throw out the egg cartons after baking your holiday cookies. Use them to store small or round ornaments. You can place multiple cartons in a larger box and hide them on a shelf or under the bed.

  5. Make a Book of Cards

    Holiday Card Display

    If you can't part with this year's holiday cards but find yourself stuffing them into overcrowded junk drawers, here's a better solution. Take a hole punch to the edges and bind the stack of cards together using metal rings. Pack them away with the holiday decorations and display them on the coffee table next year.

  6. Cover Candles

    Storing Candles

    Unused Christmas candles can be saved for next year and protected from scratches by wrapping them in a sock. Even without a flame, candles can melt; be sure to store them away from a heat source.

  7. Label the Boxes

    Labeling Boxes

    When you're boxing up decorations, make an inventory of what's in each box and label accordingly. Come next year, you'll be able to unpack the exact decorations you need, cutting down on setup time.

  8. Round Up Wrapping Paper

    Plastic Bag Dispenser

    Plastic bag dispensers can be easily repurposed to hold wrapping paper tubes. Tack the dispensers to the wall of the craft room, the inside of a closet door, or anywhere they'll be out of the way until next year's gift exchange.

  9. Protect Fragile Ornaments

    How to Store Christmas Ornaments

    Hang on to gift and shipping boxes and use them to store tree ornaments. Delicate glass and ceramic pieces can be stored in reused tissue paper or packaging materials. Alternatively, you can hot-glue plastic cups to cardboard sheets, and then place the sheets into a larger bin for a zero-risk solution.

  10. Hide It All Away

    How to Store Holiday Decorations

    Once you’ve got everything stashed away and protected, consider building one of these sliding storage systems to take advantage of your unused garage ceiling space.

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