Instacraft: 6 Easy DIY Projects—No Tools Required

Bring a little personal charm to your life with these clever crafts that won't make you reach for the toolbox.

  1. Instacraft



    If you've always wanted to add a little DIY charm to your space but never had the right tools to do so, then Alison Caporimo has come to your rescue. With her new book, Instacraft: Fun and Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor, and More , Alison shares her favorite no-tool DIY projects for the casual crafter. Here are six that we think you'll love.

  2. DIY Brick Bookends


    Meera Lee Patel

    Wash the bricks and paint one edge with acrylic paint. Once the bricks are dry, use a Sharpie to write out book titles and add embellishments like those on the spine of your favorite novel. Then watch as your new bookends blend in with your books!

  3. Chalkboard Cutting Board

    Chalkboard cutting board

    Meera Lee Patel

    All you need to turn a regular cutting board into a chic, customizable serving board is a little chalkboard paint. Well, that and the right combination of cheese and charcuterie, of course.

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  4. DIY Chess Jars

    Chess jars

    Meera Lee Patel

    Dress up your storage jars with nothing but adhesive and a little spray paint! First, glue chess pieces to your jar lids. Once they dry, spray-paint and...checkmate! You've got yourself a candy jar fit for a king—or queen.

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  5. Personalized Teapot


    Meera Lee Patel

    With just a Sharpie and an oven, you can personalize a teapot or mug with any pattern, quote, or design you want! Draw a design with the Sharpie and then place the teapot into the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't forget to let it cool before you start brewing your tea!

  6. Clothespin Mirror


    Meera Lee Patel

    Dip the ends of your clothespins into acrylic paint and let dry. Then pin them around the perimeter of a small, round mirror for an easy and charming place to check your face before you run out the door!

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  7. Painted Utensils

    Salad tosser

    Meera Lee Patel

    To give your kitchen a little homemade charm, cut small strips of fine-line masking tape and arrange them in a stripe or chevron pattern around the base of some wooden utensils. Then spray-paint the tape pattern, making sure to protect the upper part of the utensils from the paint. Once the paint dries, remove the tape, et voilà! Kitchen utensils that are truly your own.

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