Make an Entrance: 10 Inspirational Foyer Ideas

The foyer is your first opportunity to make an impression on visitors and the first thing to welcome you home each day. Here are ten ideas certain to add impact.

  1. Serene Surroundings

    Foyer Decorating Ideas

    Your home is your sanctuary, so treat it like one by creating a peaceful welcome that will make the day's stresses fade away. Bamboo and stones set the tone in this entry, but you can easily mimic the look with other natural elements that speak to you and suit your decor.

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  2. Dynamic Wallpaper

    Entryway Wallpaper

    Forgo storage and make a dramatic impact in a narrow entryway with colorful patterned wallpaper. A small table at the end of the hall holds the essentials; coats, umbrellas, and shoes are tucked out of sight in a closet.

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    Inspire Bohemia

  3. Functional and Formal (With Fauna)

    Foyer Decor

    Successfully uniting fun and formality, this entryway manages to keep a collection of hats, boots, and umbrellas organized and accessible. An array of outerwear is neatly displayed on racks and antlers (a playful touch!), making it easy to grab the item you're looking for on your way out the door.

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    House Beautiful

  4. Cozy and Clean

    Storage Bench

    A small nook is the perfect place to take a load off at the end of the day. Equipped with a storage bench, this entry is both pretty to look at and useful. The mirror lets you check your look on the way out and visually doubles the space, making it feel more grand.

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  5. Open and Orderly

    Entryway Organization

    The entryway shown here was made to seem roomier by removing the closet doors, creating one unbroken space. Labeled baskets, clips for often-worn items, and additional hooks help keep everything in its place, while making it all look good.

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  6. Determined Minimalist

    Modern Entryway

    Sophisticated and simple, this entry accommodates essentials—and nothing more, which helps to keep spaces and psyches alike spotless and untroubled. While this option is nice in theory, it is probably best attempted by those who have no problem remaining clutter-free.

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    Creative Furniture

  7. Airy and Intimate

    Custom Entryway

    Well-placed art helps a small space exert maximum impact. The grid of framed photos delineates the entry area, and a long shelf serves as an obvious catchall for keys as you walk through the door.


  8. Simple and Welcoming

    Simple Foyer

    Rather than trying to force function into a small space, take the opportunity to make a personal impact through a collection of objects and artwork. A basket under the ledge allows for out-of-sight storage of any items that might detract from the display.

  9. Built-In Solution

    DIY Entryway

    No entryway? No problem. If your front door opens onto a large room, build some walls and create your own foyer. With ample windows, this custom mudroom lets natural light filter between the spaces, allowing both to maintain an airy feeling.

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    Manolo for the Home

  10. Something Out of Nothing

    DIY Hooks

    If your home enters directly into a room, a few well-positioned furnishings can create the illusion of an entryway. Here, all it takes is a place to hang your coat and spot to throw your keys.

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