Must Be Nice: 10 Extravagant Services People Hire for the Holidays

For many, the holidays are a whirlwind of activity, chock-full of decorating, entertaining, and shopping for that perfect gift to put under the tree. But even at this busiest time of year, some people aren't rushing around. In fact, they're not even lifting a finger. A few smart—and well-heeled—folks are turning to professionals to take care of all their holiday needs. Click through to discover some of the unbelievable (and pricey!) services people hire for the holidays.

  1. Christmas Tree Stylist

    Christmas Tree Stylist

    Known as Dr. Christmas, Bob Pranga is tree stylist to the stars. While his dazzling Christmas tree designs run anywhere from $2,500 to $80,000, you can often find local tree styling services, typically offered by interior decorators, that can create festive trees, wreaths, and garlands at a price range of $500 to $2,500.

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  2. Holiday Lighting Installers

    Holiday Lighting Installers

    Those who don’t relish teetering on a ladder while trying to attach holiday lights to their roofs may want to track down a landscape lighting service. For $500 to $2,000, depending on the complexity of the lighting plan, you can keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and still win your neighborhood's "Best Decorated House" award. This service is typically offered by local building and lawn-care contractors that have the right equipment to do the job safely. Remember, though: You'll have to spring for the lights in addition to the installation fee.

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  3. Line Standers

    Line Standers

    If you’ve ever waited in line for hours on Black Friday to get a shot at the season’s most popular toy, you've probably wished  someone could stand in line for you. Well, for $15 to $30 (or more) per hour, you can hire a line stander to patiently wait in your place. Must be nice!

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  4. Private Santa Services

    Private Santa Services

    Elite Santa services provide realistic Santas (some with real beards!) along with Mrs. Claus and a bevy of elves for those who are willing to pay $300 an hour or more to have these denizens of the North Pole visit their homes. Santa and his crowd mingle and take photos with guests and are often hired to personally deliver gifts to the kiddos on Christmas morning.

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  5. Gift Wrappers

    Gift Wrappers

    Wrapping presents can become tedious when you have a lot of people to buy for, and these days not all stores offer gift-wrapping services. For those who hate wrapping or are blessed with more money than time, gift-wrapping services like That’s a Wrap will come to your home and do all the wrapping for you, starting at around $10 for a small gift and running up to $20 or more for large gifts.

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  6. Holiday Shoppers

    Holiday Shoppers

    Most of us spend hours hunting (both online and in stores) for the perfect gifts for those on our Christmas list. But not everyone gets swept up in the frenzy. Instead, some people delegate the task to professional holiday shoppers. Expect to pay $30 to $50 an hour to hire a personal holiday shopper. But then you can sit back and relax, confident that you won't have to set foot in a store.

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  7. Professional Carolers

    Professional Carolers

    What could be more festive than carolers with amazing voices serenading you and your guests with the songs of the season. Professional groups like New York’s Holiday Choristers will sing your choice of traditional carols or more contemporary fare, starting at $560 for four carolers and $90 for each additional singer. In many communities, local singing groups or church choirs can often be hired for less than $100.

  8. Holiday Party Producers

    Holiday Party Producers

    For those too busy to plan their own holiday celebrations, private concierge services, such as Quintessentially, are standing by to handle all the details. Membership is required and can run as high as $45,000 per person per year, but it carries valuable perks: If you decide to host an epic New Year’s Eve bash, the company will handle everything from food selection and venue to valet parking and decorations. They’ll even send out invitations.

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  9. Professional Chef Services

    Professional Chef Services

    As a more upscale alternative to cooking a holiday feast or having it catered, hire a professional chef to prepare a scrumptious meal in your home and, best of all, clean up after! Expect to pay a single chef a minimum of $80 per person for a buffet-style meal, and up to $250 per person for a full four-course meal with wine pairing. Servers are available for around $50 per hour per server.

  10. Wine Selection and Sourcing

    Wine Selection and Sourcing

    No need to scour the aisles of the liquor store in search of that well-reviewed Cabernet when you can hire a private concierge service to find the best wine for your holiday celebration. This is another helpful amenity offered by Quintessentially, which will search high and low to bring you the rarest or trendiest wines in the world. But be sure to leave room in the budget: You could wind up spending upwards of $2,000 per bottle, depending on its value. Happy New Year!

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