Paint Your Home One of These Colors to Make It Sell for More

Selling your home? If so, never underestimate the value of curb appeal. Buyers will often pay a premium for the prettiest house on the block, and paint color plays a huge role in that determination. Check out these 10 paint colors that increase the value of your home, and consider giving your exterior a colorful facelift before putting out the “For Sale” sign.

  1. Putty

    Putty Exterior Paint Color

    When choosing an exterior paint color, you can’t go wrong with warm-toned neutrals. They’re universally well received, and they contrast nicely with white or black accents. Two particularly appealing shades of putty are Bamboo Screen by Dunn-Edwards and Cyprus Grass by Glidden.

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  2. Light Gray

    Light Gray Exterior Paint Color

    A classic exterior color, light gray can make a home look both contemporary and classic. Summit Gray by Sherwin-Williams complements most trim colors and will meet with the approval of almost any homeowners association. 

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  3. White

    White Home Exterior

    The crisp and clean appearance of a white home signals a welcoming fresh start for potential home buyers. Glidden’s Morning Daylight is a cool, refreshing tone, while Whisper from Dunn-Edwards exudes warmth and hospitality.

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  4. Yellow

    Yellow Home Exterior

    A muted buttery yellow facade gives a home a warm and cheerful appearance. Take inspiration from Glidden’s Lemon Ice, which will suit almost any style of home, from cozy cabin to stately Victorian.

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  5. Slate Blue

    Slate Blue Home Exterior

    A mid-toned gray with a blue tinge, Valspar’s Café Blue will draw attention to your home’s exterior without making it an overwhelming presence on the block. The slate color pairs well with neutrals like black and white, although homeowners can also add pops of red for a bold contrast.

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  6. Sage Green

    Sage Green House Exterior

    Do you want your home to look natural and earthy? Then consider painting the exterior a sage green color, such as Olympic Paint’s Lottery Winnings. Sage green brings a soothing atmosphere to your property, and it's available in a wide range of shades.

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  7. Pale Orange

    Tropical Home Exterior Paint Color

    If you live near the beach, coastal colors can infuse the exterior of your home with a sunny glow. Choose something pale (like Behr’s Cream Puff) for an understated look, or for more drama, amp things up with hints of pink (like Behr’s Pale Coral).

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  8. Taupe

    Taupe Home Exterior

    Having trouble choosing a paint color? Play it safe by sticking with a neutral earthy shade like taupe, which looks great against landscaping and won’t go out of style. A solid option is Tony Taupe by Sherwin-Williams. It’s subtle but has enough visual heft to set your house apart from the average beige abode.

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  9. Traditional Gray

    Gray House Exterior

    A stately gray feels stable and enduring, which is exactly how you want prospective buyers to view your home. Pratt & Lambert’s Monumental shade also has hints of purple, so your home will stand out from the crowd, but in an understated way.

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  10. Red

    Red Exterior Paint Color

    A coat of red paint can make any home feel modern, bold, and inviting. Just be sure to choose a subdued shade, like Pittsburgh Paint’s Rum Raisin, to prevent your facade from looking disturbingly bright.

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  11. Better Value

    Better Value

    Changes you make to your house should always be for yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to consider what upgrades will also improve your home’s value. From landscaping to the kitchen, there a certain home improvements that will give you the most bang for your buck.

  12. Don't Miss! Before & After


    With its front-and-center position, a new garage door can all but revolutionize how your home looks from the curb. See the difference!