Painted Cabinets: 14 Reasons to Transform Yours Now

Cabinet replacement can be expensive. Here are fourteen examples of how a coat of paint can do the trick—for less.

  1. Classic White


    White-painted cabinets make this kitchen feel bright, light and open. Green-hued granite countertops and randomly spaced decorative backsplash tiles add just the right contrast.

  2. Into the Woods


    These green-painted cabinets contrast beautifully with the wood-paneled ceiling and butcher-block-topped center island of this rustic kitchen. The copper range hood and ceramic tile backsplash reinforce the influence of natural materials.

  3. Mellow Yellow


    If you're looking for cheery, you can't do better than yellow-painted cabinets. Even a compact kitchen like this becomes welcoming and bright with the right buttery hue. The country-style beadboard island and shoolhouse light fixtures add their own special charm.

  4. Metallica


    Stainless steel countertops and appliances meld beautifully with these cabinets finished with silver spray paint. The white walls and ceiling, and the abundant light, give the room a metallic look that is sleek and industrial.

  5. Two-Tone


    Don't be afraid to switch up your paint colors. The cranberry-colored base cabinets and cream wall-hung units add a dramatic look to this traditional kitchen. A soft green wall color makes the contrast even more powerful.  

  6. Deep Plum


    Dark painted cabinets—like these in plum—can actually enhance wood tones and bring special warmth to a kitchen. Black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances add their own dramatic accents to the space.

  7. Soft Shades


    The soft, green-painted cabinets give this kitchen an inviting country feel. The bold pop of yellow on the center island complements a similar, softer hue on the walls.

  8. Black and White

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    You can never go wrong with black and white, as we learned from designer Celerie Kemble. This kitchen, with its charcoal-painted cabinets and white countertops, shows just how classic the combo can be.  

  9. Brighten Up


    Even a small kitchen with basic cabinets can become bold and beautiful when colored with the right hue. These painted cabinets in chartreuse brighten the mood of this kitchen—and no doubt its owner, too. 

  10. Forever Neutral


    Neutral shades are always good choices in any room; this kitchen with warm gray-painted cabinets proves it. Oversized hanging light fixtures and the blue Wedgewood refrigerator contribute equally to the space's rich traditional styling.

  11. Emboldened


    Create a warm and inviting country kitchen with red cabinetry. Here, open shelving, a display of plates, and etched glass add charm to the already red hot space.

  12. A Touch of Taupe


    The French provincial kitchen is among the most iconic in kitchen design, serving as inspiration for aspiring chefs the world over. Crown molding, porcelain handles, and other details reinforce the design— with a soft taupe paint lending a certain je ne sais quoi to the finished look.

  13. Mix and Match


    Design Love Fest

    The indecisive homeowner need not fret over choosing one (or even two) cabinet colors. The kitchen cabinets in this artist's and designer's shared home took no fewer than four bright colors. Matching hardware and neutral walls ensure that the result remains playful yet sophisticated.

  14. It's What's On The Inside


    A Beautiful Mess

    A kitchen remodel may inspire pipe dreams of bold color choices and showy new hardware, though some may be hesitant when the time comes to commit. Paint the inside of a kitchen cabinet to add that desired pop of color without fear of painter's remorse.

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